Chapter 358 - When Will You Learn To Rely On Me

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Chapter 358: When Will You Learn To Rely On Me

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Yue Tingfeng rolled around on the bed with her intimately for a while before getting up to wash up.

After she had eaten breakfast that Yue Tingfeng brought over, Yan Qingsi said: “Lets go.”

On the way, Yue Tingfeng updated Yan Qingsi on Yan family’s situation, “Ye Lingzhi was successfully bailed out from lockup, most likely by someone from the Ye family. The Ye family’s folks were known for their bad reputation, to the point that majority of Luo City’s aristocratic families with decent background would avoid Ye family if possible. In earlier years they were subdued for being involved with the mafia. In the end, they were exonerated, ventured into exports, can be reluctantly considered as a proper business.”

When Yue Tingfeng was explaining about the Ye family, Yan Qingsi could clearly hear the disdain in his voice. It seemed that he really looks down on people from the Ye family.

“Ye family’s person in charge is Ye Lingzhe’s paternal elder cousin brother. Ye family has many branches now, a mixed bag of good and bad. Ye Lingzhi’s father is still alive, but the mother has passed. She has a younger brother, got involved in a criminal case, escaped overseas and is currently still at large. Her father was already being pushed out of Ye family’s central authority. To sum it up, she is actually an inconsequential member of the Ye family.”

“However…this does not mean we can just simply get rid of Ye Lingzhi. We still have to think of the consequences of our actions, especially now that Ye family has a…” after some hesitation, Yue Tingfeng still did not manage to finish off the sentence.

Yan Qingsi was curious: “Has a what?”

Yue Tingfeng ruffled her hair: “Nothing, you shouldn’t get in contact with this person.”

Even though Yan Qingsi had spent so many years in the Yan family, she had not once visited the Ye family home. On all festive celebrations, Ye Lingzhi will bring along Yan Mingzhu siblings, but never her. Ye family had never visited Yan family, so she was clueless about the Ye family.

Today she was going to meet Ye Lingzhi, in order to prevent Yan Songnan ganging up with Ye Lingzhi. She must split them up in advance, deny them the chance to make amends, or they will be very difficult to deal with.

The car parked in front of the lockup doors, the first thing Yan Qingsi saw was shiny black Bentley, sitting there quietly under the sun, the car logo giving off a cold metallic shine.

Yue Tingfeng said: “That should be a car from the Ye family.”

As the lockup’s main doors opened, Yan Qingsi saw Ye Lingzhi, with a withered appearance. While she wanted to open the doors and rush down, Yue Tingfeng said: “I’ll accompany you.”

Yan Qingsi stopped him: “No, you wait here while I go down. There are some things I want to talk to her alone. I know you want to help me, and I am thankful for that, but…some things, I want to do it by myself.”

Yue Tingfeng frowned: “You…when will you ever learn to rely on me?”


‘One day, maybe that one day will come, but as of now, I’m still scared to,’

Yue Tingfeng held onto Yan Qingsi’s wrist. “Don’t go far, stay within my sight.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head, opened the door and got out of the car.

Yan Qingsi was dressed casually today, a black sleeveless dress, her fair arms, long slender legs, giving her an absolutely enchanting appearance. No matter how casual the dress is put on her, it will look as though it was classy, elegant, and luxurious. She was just that charming. The angle of her curved lips, was brighter than the sun.

Just as Ye Lingzhi reached her outstretched hand towards the Bentley’s doors, she caught sight of Yan Qingsi. All of a sudden, her entire personality changed, as though a triggered bomb, started shouting: “B*tch! How dare you come see me, you just wait and see if I’ll tear you apart…”

Yan Qingsi lifted her hand to block Ye Lingzhi’s hands with her bag: “You just got out of lockup. If you don’t want to get back in there, I advise you to calm down.”

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