Chapter 359 - B*tch, Why Don’t You Go To…

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Chapter 359: B*tch, Why Don’t You Go To…

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Ye Lingzhi pushed Yan Qingsi aside. “Scram, if we were someone else, I’d kill you right now…”

Yan Qingsi plotted to send her to jail and destroyed her daughter. She wanted nothing but to tear Yan Qingsi to shreds.

Yan Qingsi removed her glasses, revealing a pair of alluring eyes. “The reason I’m here today is to have a discussion with you about Yan Songnan. If you are willing to listen, we’ll talk, otherwise…nevermind, since the one in trouble is not me. If you want to die the moment you get out, I won’t stop you.”

“Wait…what’s the meaning of this.”

“Let’s talk if you’re interested!”

Yan Qingsi realized that Ye Lingzhi was hesitating. She stole a glance at the car window, obviously struggling in her gaze, seemingly afraid of the person in the car.

Yan Qingsi swept her gaze over the car, which was impervious to outside scrutiny. All of a sudden, the window lowered slowly, revealing a pair of eyes through the narrow slit. Those dark eyes were as if a clump of concentrated ink blot. The moment their eyes met, Yan Qingsi felt a chill rising from her soles, all the way through her body, to the point that she could not feel any warmth under the sun.

“Shaoguang, I…I have some business to settle, just another ten minutes will do…” Ye Lingzhi said dryly, looking at the person in the car. She lacked the usual arrogance she had while speaking with outsiders, to the point of seemingly begging.

Yan Qingsi was surprised. This person actually managed to make someone like Ye Lingzhi to be this scared? It would seem that this person’s position in Yan family is rather high.

Just as Yan Qingsi was confused, the person in the car suddenly spoke out: “You’re Yan Qingsi.”

His sound was as cold as his gaze, cold as ice, confidently announced Yan Qingsi’s name.

Yan Qingsi’s lips turned into a shallow smile, saying: “Is it I, Nie Qiuping’s daughter.”

She knew that in the past, her mother’s death involved the Yan family. She purposely mentioned the name Nie Qiuping, just to disgust him.

“Let’s talk in the car.”

“I think, certain conversations, are not convenient to have with others around.”

Yan Qingsi saw that pair of eyes squinted a little, feeling a strong sense of gloom and disapproval aimed towards her.

Ye Lingzhi scolded her: “Yan Qingsi, you shut up.”

“Shaoguang, I’m sorry…just ten minutes. We’ll have a chat under the tree on the side.”

Both of them headed towards the tree. Yan Qingsi played an audio recording for Ye Lingzhi. It was of the night she met Yan Songnan, which Xiao Xu had secretly recorded. Yan Qingsi did not make any modifications, and let Ye Lingzhi listen to it in its entirety, from the beginning to the end.

After listening, Ye Lingzhi raised her hand to hit Yan Qingsi: “B*tch, you b*tch!… Why don’t you just die! You performed so many evil deeds, why don’t the police arrest you? You should just go to hell.”

Ye Lingzhi, as though a crazy person, started attacking Yan Qingsi. Her fingernails scratched across Yan Qingsi’s arms, leaving long streaks of red claw marks. Her scratches were ruthless, and Yan Qingsi’s skin was delicate, resulting in the parts where her fingers scratched to be oozing streaks of blood.

Yan Qingsi tightened her brows and retaliated with one strong slap. A loud resounding slap was heard. Facing Ye Lingzhi, she won’t give her any respect.

“Just how long are you going to act crazy? If I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t be looking for you now.”

“You…hit me…you b*tch…”

“You flatter me, but this is your title, I dare not take it. If you do not calm down, we have nothing to discuss.”

Ye Lingzhi ground her teeth in anger, desperately wanting to eat Yan Qingsi’s flesh raw.1 “What do you have to say?”

Yan Qingsi looked at the blood on her bleeding arms, the bewitching scarlet and snow-white skin gave off a strangely alluring appearance.

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