Chapter 360 - Compared To You, I Hate Him More

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Chapter 360: Compared To You, I Hate Him More

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Yan Qingsi let out a laugh. “Do you know why you’re in such dire straits? It’s because you’re stupid. Compared to me, shouldn’t you hate Yan Songnan more? I’ve just brought up the idea of exchanging one life for another and he easily agreed to it. In your eyes, is your life, you twenty odd years of husband and wife relationship, and even your daughter, is of lower value than that small sum of money. Take a good look at how cheap you are. The man you fought for by sacrificing my mother, just what kind of a person is he? Even animals are better off.”

“It was merely a joke, yet he took it seriously. Do you think I’d be that thoughtless to directly order him to kill you? I only wanted to put him in a tough spot. It turns out, he took the idea seriously. In order to avoid jail, he didn’t even give it a second thought.”

“Yesterday, I got wind of him sending your daughter into the asylum. Only then I realized that he was serious about it. I don’t intend to be convicted as a murderer, so I’m here out of good faith to give you a warning. Unfortunately you don’t seem capable of differentiating good and evil. Fine, if you still think he is a trustworthy husband, by all means, go look for him.”

Yan Qingsi had long since seen through Yan Songnan. A ruthless tiger does not prey on its own cub, yet this man could even attempt to kill her, his own biological daughter. Eventually, he would also turn around and use Yan Mingzhu as a stepping stone.

Ye Lingzhi’s cloudy eyes glistened with tears, she muttered, “Mingzhu, Mingzhu…”

Yan Qingsi had a wicked grin on her face. “Ye Lingzhi, if you had some brains, you wouldn’t be in this situation. Yan Songnan’s company financial records showed a loss of 100 million. Where did he lose the money? What was it spent on? You’re one of the shareholders, how can you be oblivious?”

Ye Lingzhi snapped her head up, staring at Yan Qingsi with a gaze that could seemingly burn her to death.

This kind of rage is what Yan Qingsi loved. The more she rages, the better. Yan Qingsi spread her hands. “I’m just letting you know. Of course, I’m not thinking of helping you. I prefer looking at you both fighting each other. Most importantly, the culprit responsible for all of this is Yan Songnan. Compared to you, I hate him more. You…I can get rid of slowly in the future, but him… I want him dead now.”

“Hmph, you’re only trying to prevent us from reaching a truce, afraid of us working together against you.” Ye Lingzhi was not an idiot!

“Yes that’s right. That is why I am telling you the truth in advance. If after learning about all these matters, you are still fine with sharing a bed with him, then I have nothing to say, for when sluttiness acts up, it can be considered as an illness. I’ve said my piece, what you do with it is up to you.”

Yan Qingsi turned around to leave. As she took two steps under the summer sun, from the dancing shadows on the ground, she could see a shadow leaping towards her. Yan Qingsi made a casual dodge, and Ye Lingzhi fell to the ground with a thud.

Ye Lingzhi was old. She originally thought that since they are meeting up, she should not let Yan Qingsi walk away that easily. She must tear away that fox’s hide from her upper body. Never did she thought that Yan Qingsi would have easily dodged her, and complete slammed herself on the hard tar road. Her arms and knees hurting as if they were shattered.

Yan Qingsi walked over with one foot stepping on the back of Ye Lingzhi’s hand. “Tsk, why so careless? You’re already this old, and you still want to extort money by feigning injury? Is the Yan family…lacking money to such an extent?”

Yan Qingsi had always liked to wear shoes with heels as sharp as nails. She enjoyed stepping on the back of someone’s hands and look how they struggle on the ground.

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