Chapter 363 - I Don't Want to See You Get Hurt or Cry

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Chapter 363: I Don’t Want to See You Get Hurt or Cry

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After a few minutes, he ran out with a plastic bag in his hand.

The car door opened and Yue Tingfeng got in; a wave of heat followed him. “Hold out your arm.”

Yan Qingsi was stunned. “Huh?”

“Arm…” Yue Tingfeng watched Yan Qingsi lift her right arm. He laughed and said, “Left one! Did the heat from the sun make you stupid?”

Yue Tingfeng tore open an alcohol swab packet and pulled out two strips of cotton. He wet them and said, “It’s going to hurt, hold on.”

Yan Qingsi’s arm had a long wound from Ye Lingzhi’s fingers — although it was not deep, but it seemed striking. The blood dried, and the alcohol was applied onto the wound. Yue Tingfeng cleaned every bit of it, dug out two plasters and put it on her.

“That old woman spent so much time at the detention centre, who knows if she took a shower at all? There might be all kinds of bacteria in her fingernails, let’s clean it this way first, we’ll go to the hospital for a shot later.”

Yan Qingsi did not feel any pain on her wound at all — but Yue Tingfeng was already sweating.

Yan Qingsi was nonchalant about it. “We don’t have to go that far, no need to do much with this kind of wound.”

“You don’t care even if it leaves a scar?”

“What kind of person doesn’t have a single scar on them at all.”

“But I don’t like to see it.”

Yan Qingsi froze. She lifted her head to look at Yue Tingfeng’s eyes — his pupils were deep and dark. She thought about Ye Shaoguang, but Yue Tingfeng’s eyes had warmth in them when he looked at her. She could even feel… some kind of endearment.

Yue Tingfeng reached for the back of Yan Qingsi’s head, pinned her down and kiss her on the lips.

The summer sun was scorching hot — pedestrians were walking quickly by the side of the car. Yue Tingfeng’s lips were soft and warm, Yan Qingsi thought, maybe, just maybe, she did not reject him as much.

Yue Tingfeng let go of Yan Qingsi, and his thumb grazed her cheeks. “I don’t want to see you get hurt, sad, or cry… I want to make you laugh, tell me… what should I do?”

Yan Qingsi wanted to laugh — but as she was about to move her lips, she realized it was a little hard to smile. “I… I’m okay!”

She barely shed a tear. She stopped feeling sad — she did not even feel pain when she got hurt. Yan Qingsi pushed herself towards complete immunity.

Yan Qingsi felt that this was nothing — as long as she was alive, nothing mattered. All of a sudden, someone was telling her that he did not want to see her like this, he wanted her to smile.

Yan Qingsi’s strength was challenged again.

Someone knocked on the car window suddenly — the indescribable vibe between the duo was instantly washed away. Yue Tingfeng frowned as he rolled down the window and saw a traffic cop outside. Yue Tingfeng was handed a white note that read, “First warning for illegal parking, fined for 200…”

That traffic cop looked up to see Yue Tingfeng — wasn’t this guy the rich man yesterday who told the traffic cops arrogantly that he had many cars at home, and he could afford to crash one a day?

“Why is it you both again, you were caught yesterday and you did not learn your lesson today. Two points deducted.”

“…” Yue Tingfeng was speechless.

Yan Qingsi held an angry Yue Tingfeng back — the traffic cop was right, and he was only following the law. They were the ones in the wrong, and they should receive their punishment. She pulled out a 200 dollar note and passed it over.

The traffic cop received the money and said, “Even if you have money, it’s not to be burnt this way, drive away now.”

Yan Qingsi grabbed Yue Tingfeng’s hand. “Okay, let’s go.”

Yue Tingfeng started the car and slammed his foot on the accelerator.

His expression seemed unsatisfied. “After shooting this show, take a break.”

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