Chapter 364 - She's His Inexorable Doom, He Can't Avoid It

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Chapter 364: She’s His Inexorable Doom, He Can’t Avoid It

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“I’m new, I don’t have the right to take a break. If I took a break, other people will get my opportunities.”

“You have me, are you still afraid of not getting any?”

“It’s different. I like acting, I like this job, I want to be a good actress.”

A person like her would probably never become a good person in the span of her life — but she thought she could at least become a good actress.

Yue Tingfeng laughed in response. “You always leave me feeling helpless.”

Yue Tingfeng was used to being accustomed to — everyone did things according to his liking. It was only Yan Qingsi who barely listened to him, and he was the one who had to give in to her demands.

Yan Qingsi became his inexorable doom, he could not avoid it! He did not plan to anyway, he wanted to drown in it!

Ye Lingzhi was shivering from the cold in the car. The air-conditioner was not on, but she still felt the cold. The chill that was coming from Ye Shaoguang made her feel like her brows were as good as frozen.

“Shao… Shaoguang, could you help me check which psychiatric hospital was Mingzhu sent to? I want to take her home.” Ye Lingzhi was most worried about Yan Mingzhu at the moment.

Ye Shaoguang was focused on driving. “She did go crazy, it’s only right that she gets treated at a psychiatric hospital.”

Ye Lingzhi shook her head. “No, that’s your niece, how could she stay there.”

Ye Shaoguang’s expression became colder. “Cousin, I only know that she’s part of the Yan family.”

Since she was part of the Yan family, she had nothing to do with the Ye family. Why would he need to care then?

Ye Lingzhi started crying. “Shaoguang, cousin is begging you, you… you should consider that she’s my only daughter, Mingxiu got in trouble, I only have this child left.”

Ye Shaoguang stopped talking, it was as if he did not hear it.

Ye Lingzhi cried. She knew that Ye Shaoguang was cold-hearted, if he said he would not do it, he will stick to his word.

Ye Lingzhi cried for some time and said through gritted teeth, “Shaoguang, I won’t beg you for this, but there’s something you have to help me, I know you’re the most powerful in our family, help me, help me finish that vile woman, she’s a devil…”

Ye Shaoguang said, “There’s something called karma in this world. What’s happening now is karma for what you did 17 years ago, it’s just a circle.”

“You saw her, how arrogant she was, the way she bullies me shows that she does not respect the Ye family at all.”

Ye Shaoguang said lightly, “It’s reasonable to take revenge on behalf of her own mother. Since you can’t beat her, it means you’re incapable. I won’t bother about these matters, the Ye family is only keeping you alive, we will not ask about other matters.”

Ye Lingzhi raised her voice. “I’m your cousin, Mingzhu is part of the Yan family, but I’m your family, are you all just going to watch me get bullied, that vile woman bullies me, so she is disrespecting the Ye family.”

“Family? Do people still care about each other in the Ye family?”

Ye Lingzhi was speechless after that statement.

Does the Ye family care about each other? No, every member of the Ye family has a twisted soul!

Ye Shaoguang pulled out a leather bag and threw it at Ye Lingzhi.

“Yan Songnan is already caught, he misused 1 billion in public funds, used 400 million for bribery, 500 million lost in casinos, and the remaining 100 million was used for women.”

Ye Lingzhi pulled it out to take a look at it. Her hand was shaking, and her eyes were so red, it was as if blood could come out of it.

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