Chapter 365 - You Stupid Boy, What Have You Eaten That Wasn't Good

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Chapter 365: You Stupid Boy, What Have You Eaten That Wasn’t Good

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This piece of trash, this bastard, I really was blind back then, I… really was blind…”

The investigation was written clearly that Yan Songnan had multiple women over the years, and Tang Yuyao was the latest one. He started cheating on Ye Lingzhi when she was still pregnant with Yan Mingzhu, he was never lack of women over the years.

Whenever he said he was going on business trips, he was bringing his mistresses to gamble in Macau.

In this marriage, Ye Lingzhi finally believed what Yan Qingsi had been saying – she was dumb. The person she had put in so much effort to steal from Nie Qiuping years ago was a piece of sh*t!

This marriage, that had lasted for more than 20 years, was a joke.

“Yan Songnan wants to see you.”

Ye Lingzhi looked up, and her eyes were filled with hate. “Yes, of course I will meet him, I must meet him.”

Yue Tingfeng was drinking water while watching Madam Yue put rice into the breakfast box.

“Mom, you’re changing up the meals everyday, you didn’t even do this for me when I was little, did you? Did you mix up me and Yan Qingsi when we were younger, and she’s actually your daughter?”

Madam Yue side-eyed him. “You stupid boy, what have you eaten that wasn’t good… If I could shove you back into my stomach, I would.”

“Okay, take it, go soon, the porridge tastes better when it’s warm, it’ll be tasteless when it gets cold.”

Yue Tingfeng sighed as he held the breakfast box in his hand. His job for the past few days had been getting dragged out of bed by Madam Yue in the morning to deliver meals!

Madam Yue had been changing up the meals everyday, and making him bring them to Yan Qingsi.

Madam Yue lectured Yue Tingfeng, “Your mother has already put in so much effort for you, if you don’t work harder, would that be a good way to repay me? You’re pretending to be unwilling everyday, but truth be told, your heart has been blooming, hasn’t it? You finally don’t need to make excuses to meet her anymore, I’m giving you such a great excuse, if you don’t capitalize on that, you’re pretty useless.”

Yue Tingfeng’s thoughts were exposed. He said quickly, “Yes, I’m sorry, don’t worry, I’ll get it done.”

Madam Yue looked down on him. “Haha… as long as I see you sleeping in bed with her next time, I’ll be thankful.”

Yue Tingfeng stopped talking. He held the breakfast box in his hand and left home with red ears.

Today was the last day of shooting for ‘Requiem’. Yan Qingsi did not have many scenes to act in, she was only doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon. After the scene in the afternoon, she would be done with the shooting.

Yan Qingsi woke up early today – she had been eating and sleeping well lately, and she looked a lot better.

Yue Tingfeng watched her eat her breakfast as he asked, “My mom said you should sleep well tonight, and she’ll bring you to a body spa tomorrow, tsk, do you women have much to talk about when you get together?”

“Yes, since when women talk about period cramps, you’re blur about it.”

Yue Tingfeng pulled out a tissue and wiped off the soup residue on her lips.

Sister Mai caught them in the act as she pushed the door open – she felt that Qingsi was a powerful woman to be able to tame this bandit. No one else could do that.

Sister Mai laughed and said, “Chief Yue, you… are here to deliver warmth again?”

Yue Tingfeng was not embarrassed at all. He threw the tissue into the bin and said, “Yes, a good employer should take care of his employee well.”

Sister Mai and Little Xu rolled their eyes secretly. You should send us warmth then! This is such a superficial society!

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