Chapter 366 - Can't Say No to the Warmth

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Chapter 366: Can’t Say No to the Warmth

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“I’m going to the office. Jiang Lai booked a hotel to plan for the launch party for you all tonight, if I don’t have anything to do in the afternoon, I’ll come get you.”

“Is there any use if I say no?”

Yue Tingfeng lifted his chin. “Of course there’s no use, my word is final. You’re just a little employee in front of the employer, you have no say.”

Yue Tingfeng had been attacking her in hard and soft ways recently. He forced his way into Yan Qingsi’s life.

He came to her every morning and brought breakfast made by Madam Yue.

Yan Qingsi could reject Yue Tingfeng, but she could not say no to Madam Yue’s warmth.

She thought to herself, she probably missed her mom too much. Madam Yue’s care for her gave her the illusion that she was still a kid, and her mother was still alive.

Yan Qingsi did not want to give up on her wild wishes. She had been struggling to stay alive, she could only take her revenge if she stayed alive.

However, the presence of Yue Tingfeng and his mother made it hard for her to say no.

She went from completely rejecting him to gradually getting used to him. Yan Qingsi was afraid that one day she would not be able to control herself, and it would turn into a disaster.

Yue Tingfeng left and Sister Mai approached Yan Qingsi saying, “Work hard Qingsi, you’re our hope now. Conquer Yue Tingfeng and marry into a rich family. Get to the peak of life, then bring us along with you.”

Yan Qingsi smiled but did not say anything.

The final scene was being shot in the afternoon. It was a scene about a car accident on a highway and the whole crew was on high alert. This kind of scene was error-prone, so the safety checks were performed rigorously before the filming began.

Yan Qingsi sat in a car and she was to be hit by another vehicle in the scene. The finale would show the lead actor pulling her out of the car and the car would explode. The duo’s love story would be complete then.

It was a pretty cliche idea, but the audience loved this kind of endings. Moreover, the director promised that if this show did well, there would be a second season. If one of them was killed, what would be the storyline for the second season?

There were very few lines to be memorized. Yan Qingsi was just waiting for the safety checks to be completed and for the director to start filming.

Yan Qingsi did not know what was wrong, but she was not into it today.

She looked at the time, there were only 30 minutes left to the filming.

In the city center, a person came to Helan Fangnian’s chambers. She seemed anxious and in a rush.

“I’m looking for Lawyer Helan, I have some urgent matters to discuss with him.”

The receptionist shook her head. “We can’t do that miss, Lawyer Helan is very busy. You can’t meet him without an appointment.”

“I have something really important to tell him, it involves a life. Can you please give him a call and tell him I need to talk to him about this? It’s about Yan Qingsi, she’s in danger now.”

“Okay fine, I’ll call him and ask.” The receptionist hung up the phone and said, “Follow me.”

Helan Fangnian watched the person who walked in and frowned. He said with despisal, “Why is it you?”

Yan Ruke crossed her arms in anxiety. Her face was pale and her eyes were red. Her hair was a little messy, and it was obvious that she had rushed to get here. She said, “Mr. Helan. Sorry, I don’t know who to talk to about this, so I’m here.”

“You said Qingsi is in danger, what danger?”

Yan Ruke bit her lip and said with swollen eyes, “She… she’s filming an accident scene this afternoon, and that car… that car… was messed with…”

Madam Yue, “Son, this is an opportunity, go! I’ve been worried about you, if you don’t work harder, you won’t be able to find me a daughter-in-law at all!”

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