Chapter 367 - If Something Happens to Her, I Don’t Want to Live Anymore

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Chapter 367: If Something Happens to Her, I Don’t Want to Live Anymore

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Helan Fangnian stood up in shock. “What did you say?”

Yan Ruke sobbed. “Sorry, I’m sorry, I… jealousy got to me, I was always jealous that Qingsi stole Tingfeng away. So… when a woman came to me and said she could avenge me and asked me to help find out Qingsi’s filming time and location… I said yes right away. I told her where Qingsi was filming, I thought she was only going to give Qingsi a small lesson. I didn’t think that she would do such things, sorry… I’m sorry…”

Yan Ruke’s face was full of tears. Her guilty look was capable of convincing Helan Fangnian — who was a lawyer himself. She really seemed like she was repenting.

Yan Ruke hid her face in her palms and sobbed hard. “I only found out minutes ago that she planned to kill Qingsi. I started freaking out. I’m scared, although Qingsi and I were never friendly with one another, she’s still my niece. We’re family and even if I’ve lost all humanity, I wouldn’t want her to die…”

Helan Fangnian’s expression darkened. He grabbed his car keys and walked out.

Yan Ruke ran after him. “Mr. Helan, you don’t know where it is. I’ll lead you there.”

Helan Fangnian did not say no. He did not know where Yan Qingsi was filming anyway.

Helan Fangnian drove towards Yan Qingsi’s filming location. Thankfully, she was not filming outstation. if so, it would be impossible to get there on time.

Yan Ruke kept having tears streaming down her face, but she did not say anything. Her eyes were as swollen as peaches — she knew exactly how to not cause a man to despise her presence. Helan Fangnian was anxious, he was only thinking about Yan Qingsi. If she had continued crying next to him, he would be pissed.

Helan Fangnian had crazy experiences back in his day too while he was with Yue Tingfeng in highschool. Before they turned 16, they had dared to drive fancy cars and race with others.

He grew up and matured later on. Helan Fangnian stopped racing since — until today. He was driving with high speed and skidded the car along the way to cut the queues. There was not a single moment where he slowed the car down.

The veins on the hand Helan Fangnian was holding the steering wheel with started popping out. His expression seemed calm, but his gaze and hand betrayed his feelings right now.

Helan Fangnian said suddenly, “Why don’t you find her yourself? If you’re really sorry, you should tell her immediately and not come find me.”

Helan Fangnian hated Yan Ruke to the core. A woman like her was full of tricks but would pretend to be genuine and innocent.

If it was not because of Yan Qingsi, Helan Fangnian would have ignored her.

Yan Ruke hid her face in her palms and said regretfully, “I didn’t dare to go alone. I’m afraid Qingsi has always hated me. If I went there, I’m afraid she will misunderstand me. Moreover, I don’t have her phone number. If anything happens to Qingsi, I… can hardly absolve myself from blame.”

Helan Fangnian sneered. “That’s right, if something happens to her, you…”

He did not finish the sentence, but it was enough to make Yan Ruke shiver. She knew what he meant — even if she died, it would be too easy on her!

Yan Ruke’s gradually held a fist, and her shoulders were shivering. Her head was lowered, and her hair was covering her face — it was as if she was heartbroken.

Yan Ruke said shakily, “If anything happens to Qingsi… I… I don’t want to live anymore…”

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