Chapter 368 - He’s so Worried About Qingsi

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Chapter 368: He’s so Worried About Qingsi

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Helan Fangnian looked at the time. It was the first time he regretted not buying a racecar.

The speed was too slow! Too slow!

Yan Ruke put her hand down and looked over secretly. Through strands of her hair, she could see that he was so worried about Yan Qingsi!

Everyone was living their life around her!

At the filming location, Yan Qingsi stretched her arms and legs. The weather was pretty good today — the stretch of the highway had already been closed off to ease the filming today.

The crew seemed relaxed as well — after this scene, everything would come to an end.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, there was no need to go to a hotel for the show’s launching party — it would be good enough to just go for BBQ by the side of the road. Mr. Yue had way too much cash to burn.

The director yelled, “Qingsi, get ready in ten minutes!”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Okay!”

Lil Xu came over to fix Yan Qingsi’s hair.

“Sister, be careful. Even though this is a fake accident, please be careful.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “Nothing’s going to happen, the crew already bought insurance.”

“Sister, we can live without insurance but you shouldn’t get hurt.”

Today was the filming of the opening scene. Miss Mai came over as well and said, “Lil Xu is right, be mindful of your safety. I will find you a body double in a while. Since we have the Yue’s backing now, we have money we can afford to spend.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “Sure, tonight the money source will be here. You can talk to him.”

Miss Mai waved her hand. “Me? Forget it. The money source could kick me out anytime, but you can do this within minutes through pillow talk.”

The director yelled, “Okay, Qingsi, let’s begin.”

“Okay, I’m going!”

Miss Mai reminded her again, “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Yan Qingsi waved her hand and got into the car.

Miss Mai looked at Yan Qingsi and said, “Why am I feeling anxious about this.”

Lil Xu nodded. “There’s always some level of danger with this kind of scene.”

This scene began with Yan Qingsi driving alone. As she drove past a junction, she would be rammed into by a car from the left.

Everything was in place. The director began filming and Yan Qingsi started the car. She stepped on the accelerator and drove slowly.

Yan Qingsi did not drive fast — the final product would be fast-forwarded anyway. Safety was the top priority — after she drove past the junction, the other car drove out and rammed into her.

The moment of the crash was a close-up shot of Yan Qingsi’s face — she seemed steeped in fear and her pupils contracted.

Bam! The cars crashed into one another, and all four airbags popped out. Yan Qingsi was a little shaken in the car, and she stomped on the brakes — but, the brakes didn’t work?

Yan Qingsi’s heart stopped. The checks were done thoroughly, there was no way there could be any mishaps. She steered the wheel with all her might — the car crashed into the pavement and stopped after a loud bang.

Yan Qingsi’s body was pulled back and forth in the car — she was rammed into the wheel and back into the seat. She felt a little dizzy — but she did not think much. It was the final scene, she needed to complete it.

The director, who was watching through the monitor, was in shock. It was in the script that the car would stop after getting hit — but Qingsi’s car ran into the pavement. However, the effects seemed more real.

The director shouted into the walkie-talkie, “Cut! Quick! Go check if she’s okay. If so Lil Xu, go touch-up Qingsi’s make-up.”

Lil Xu and Miss Mai were so frightened that they already ran towards the crash.

Yan Qingsi tried to open the car door, but to her surprise, the door could not be opened. She was locked in the car.

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