Chapter 369 - Someone Wanted Her Dead!

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Chapter 369: Someone Wanted Her Dead!

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Yan Qingsi was in fear. The brakes stopped working, and the door was not opening. This was not a coincidence, nor an oversight. This was such a huge mishap, and no one realized this? It could only be explained by an intentional act.

Someone wanted her dead!

Yan Qingsi unbuckled herself and lifted her leg to kick the door. The door was tightly shut, and the petrol tank seemed to be leaking as there was smoke coming out of it. The smoke was getting more intense – if this went on a little longer, the car would explode.

Yan Qingsi was not freaking out. She was calm- she only had one thing in her mind, she could not die here.

She had successfully avoided multiple dangerous incidents, she could not die here. She was only one-third into her journey of revenge, the people who deserved to die were not dead yet, so she could not die.

Yan Qingsi kicked the door with all her might, she wanted to get out.

Little Xu came over and pulled the car door and realized it could not be opened as well. He was worried to the point of shivering. “Sister’s car door cannot be opened, what can we do? Come, people, come…”

Sister Mai looked frightened, staring at the car. She screamed, “Quick, find something that can open this door, quick… call 119, call the fire department, where is everyone, quick, come!”

The others realized something was wrong. Leng Ran ran over first, and the director and other crew members came over. The group started freaking out as more smoke came out from the bonnet. A burnt smell could already be detected.

A few young men started smashing the door with metal sticks, but it did not open despite the dents.

Apart from filming, the director had prioritized safety in the beginning and did not want to use a car of bad quality – now the car was too strong for the current situation.

Yan Qingsi was still in the car. The temperature was rising, and her forehead was drenched in sweat; her back was also soaked. Yan Qingsi had nothing next to her to use as well.

Yan Qingsi watched the frantic faces outside the car as she immersed in silence. Perhaps, she was the quietest one among everyone right now.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself suddenly, if she was about to die now, who would she want to see?

Yan Qingsi thought about her mother, but that beautiful face quickly turned into Yue Tingfeng’s face in her head.

Yan Qingsi smiled…

Little Xu’s face was red. “What should we do? We can’t open the door… what should we do?”

Someone shouted all of a sudden, “Everyone, shut up, give way…”

The group turned around and were pressured into silence by that person’s temperament. They moved away.

Little Xu saw the person approaching, and it was as if he found a savior. He shouted, “Chief Yue… Chief Yue, quick, save Sister Qingsi, we can’t open the door…”

Yue Tingfeng walked towards the car and pulled the car door. He then looked over at the bonnet and frowned – he did not take a look at the person inside the car at all.

After performing checks, Yue Tingfeng took off his tailored coat and said, “Go get fire extinguishers, get every single one you can get right now and spray them on the bonnet to lower the temperature. Quick…”

Leng Ran and Little Xu snapped out of it and ran to get a few fire extinguishers. The film crew usually brought a few in case of emergencies.

Yue Tingfeng asked the person nearest to him, “Does the crew have an electric saw?”

The person nodded, “Yes…”

Yue Tingfeng’s gaze was cold. “Go get it then, what are you waiting for.”

The person mumbled and went to get it.

Yue Tingfeng grabbed a metal rod from someone nearby. He looked at Yan Qingsi with a dark expression, pointed at the backseat, and Yan Qingsi bent herself backward right away.

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