Chapter 370 - After Seeing Him, She Suddenly Felt Relaxed

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Chapter 370: After Seeing Him, She Suddenly Felt Relaxed

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Yue Tingfeng wielded the rod and smashed it onto the dashboard. The car was locked, and the reason was unknown. The lock button stopped working in the car. There were only two ways out – one was to break the door open with the saw and save her, and the other one was to smash the dashboard window.

The only problem was none of the options could be done quick enough. Yue Tingfeng could not put his hopes on one, he needed both options to work.

Leng Ran and the rest brought all existing extinguishers over and sprayed them onto the bonnet, especially the parts with smoke coming out of it.

Yue Tingfeng had been a car enthusiast for years. When he was young, there were countless cars that he had destroyed – it only took a sniff for him to know that the situation was dangerous. After some time, even the extinguishers were of no help. The petrol tank was leaking, and the engine was on fire, an explosion could happen anytime soon.

The dashboard window was hard. Yue Tingfeng had smashed it for a dozen times, but there were only a few cracks on it. His gaze was fierce – he did not even look at Yan Qingsi. His sweat fell off his face, and his hand did not stop working at all.

Yan Qingsi started smiling as she watched Yue Tingfeng. All of a sudden, she felt safe.

She was just thinking about who she would like to see before she dies, and it included Yue Tingfeng.

If she were to die here today, Yan Qingsi thought, it must be fate; but to know that someone cared about her this much before she died, it was a pretty good feeling!

Yue Tingfeng was directing others to break open the doors with electric saws. The entire crew was in fear, and the ones who were less courageous did not dare to come over at all. One of the actresses started crying in fear.

All of a sudden, there was someone next to him – Yue Tingfeng looked over to find Helan Fangnian. He found a baseball bat out of nowhere and smashed the dashboard window in silence.

Helan Fangnian always gave off an elegant vibe – it was rare to find him this crazy.

Helan Fangnian ignored Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng ignored him, and the duo acted as if they did not see each other at all but it was as if they were racing each other.

Yan Qingsi saw Helan Fangnian and felt shocked. Why was he here?

Leng Ran shouted in anxiety, “It feels like the extinguishers stopped working, more and more smoke is coming out of the bonnet, I can see fire… what should we do?”

Yue Tingfeng sniffed that striking smell and said, “Everyone, leave, the car is about to explode.”

Everyone heard him and ran.

Leng Ran and Little Xu wanted to leave, but… Yan Qingsi was still in there.

Little Xu clenched his teeth. Sister Qingsi treated him well, he could not do this to her. Little Xu ran to the side of the road and picked up cold bricks.

Leng Ran saw him and did the same. The duo picked up the bricks – with their help, the dashboard window finally broke into pieces.

Helan Fangnian told Little Xu and Leng Ran to leave right away, and Yue Tingfeng arched his finger to signal Yan Qingsi to climb over.

Yan Qingsi bent over and came to the front of the car. If there was an option to leave, who would choose to die?

Yan Qingsi did not know how long she had been trapped in the car, but she did not feel scared at all. People outside had been shouting the whole time, but she remained calm.

Yue Tingfeng and Helan Fangnian reached out to Yan Qingsi at the same time.

Helan Fangnian said, “Be careful, don’t get cut by the glass.”

Yue Tingfeng scoffed. He grabbed onto Yan Qingsi’s arm and pulled her.

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