Chapter 371 - If Neither of You Came, I’d Probably Be Dead by Now

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Chapter 371: If Neither of You Came, I’d Probably Be Dead by Now

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“Why the need to pretend? You won’t die by pricking yourself on a shard of glass, an exploding car on the other hand…”

Yan Qingsi was absolutely unconcerned with whether or not the glass fragments pierced her skin. She looked at the tiny flame at the front of the car and yelled, “CUT THE CRAP! The car is going up in flames!”

Yue Tingfeng and Helan Fangnian each grabbed onto one of Yan Qingsi’s arms and dragged her out.

As Yan Qingsi slid across the bonnet, she felt a searing pain; it was as if her skin was being burnt.

She clenched her jaw, steeling herself against the pain. Soon her feet touched the ground..

“Let’s go,” cried Yue Tingfeng, before he seized her and took off.

The three of them barely managed to get two meters away when the car exploded behind them. They were engulfed in waves of searing heat. In an effort to protect her both, Yue Tingfeng and Helan Fangnian, threw themselves over Yan Qingsi.

Leng Ran and Xiao Xu were the nearest to the three of them, and, although, both men felt the heat, neither were injured.

Stunned, it took a while before Leng Ran shouted, “Ambulance! Call an ambulance…”

The two ran over, intending to help the trio, but a secondary explosion halted their progress.

Yan Qingsi was shoved against the road, and her face was lying flat against the asphalt. Countless little stones pressed against her face, causing her great pain. The weight of the two bodies was crushing her.

Her mind was surprisingly clear and she found herself listening to her own heartbeat.

Satisfied that the explosions had stopped, Yue Tingfeng looked up, before pushing Helan Fangnian off Yan Qingsi. He then scooped her up and dashed to a safer location.

He conducted a swift examination, noting that she had sustained nothing more than a few cuts on her legs and her chaffed face. He frowned.

“I’m okay. How are the both of you?”

Helan Fangnian stood up and said, “Thankfully you’re okay.”

Yue Tingfeng huffed, “You’re invincible.”

The two men had pulled her out and shielded her just in time. Unlike her, they had received only superficial cuts and scrapes. Their situation was still a serious one, as their backs were covered in glass shards.

Nonetheless, in a show of bravado, the two men behaved as if they had not sustained any injuries. The truth though painted a different picture; Yue Tingfeng’s white shirt was stained red in certain places.

Yan Qingsi frowned as she looked at his wounds. “The ambulance is probably going to be here soon. Go to the hospital and have your wounds cleaned up.”

Yue Tingfeng cocked a brow. “You care that much for me?”

Yan Qingsi turned around and looked at the burning car. “Now is not the time to be acting up.”

She then looked at Helan Fangnian and said, “Thank you both…if neither of you came, I’d probably be dead by now.”

Yue Tingfeng swept his cold gaze across Helan Fangnian.

At that point, Yue Tingfeng really wanted to kick Helan Fangnian away. ‘What are you even doing here?! Is she your woman?!’

The fire truck was the first to arrive, and the firefighters used a specialized fire extinguisher to douse the flames.

Soon enough, the ambulance came, and because the three of them had suffered varying degrees of injuries, they were all forced to alight the ambulance.

Before going in, Yan Qingsi turned to Xiao Xu.

“Get someone to guard the damaged car. File a police report…”

The director heard it and was appalled, “Why do we need to file a report?”

Both cast and crew did not want any trouble.

Yan Qingsi pointed at the car and said, “The brakes and lock buttons are broken. Once the door is closed, it can’t be opened again. Such hazards ought to have been discovered right? I can’t help but suspect that it had been deliberately tampered with.”

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