Chapter 372 - They Even Dared To Lay Their Hands on My Woman

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Chapter 372: They Even Dared To Lay Their Hands on My Woman

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Furthermore, those who had placed her in such danger were most likely to be the prop masters, who had been charged with inspecting the vehicle.

The shocked director looked at Yan Qingsi and spoke hesitantly, “But…Qingsi, we’re about to wrap up this film. I’m angry and incredibly shocked, but I’m sure this can be solved with a private investigation–”

Yan Qingsi cut her off, “No! I had nearly died. Would you hold a private investigation if I had died?!”


Yue Tingfeng chuckled coldly, “Director Cai, you must’ve forgotten the reason why you’re filming this movie.”

Director Cai was stunned. She had forgotten that it was because of Yan Qingsi that this movie existed. “I’m sorry, CEO Yue, I…”

Yue Tingfeng turned to Xiao Xu and said, “Take a good look at all the prop masters and gather everyone in the crew. Don’t let them leave the premise. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. They even dared to lay their hands on my woman. I would very much like to know which one of them has a death wish.”

Miss Mai then suddenly said, “Don’t worry, CEO Yue. We can’t and won’t let this matter go. I have already contacted the police and made a report. They should be arriving shortly.

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

Yue Tingfeng helped Yan Qingsi into the ambulance.

Director Cai anxiously pulled Miss Mai over. “Lao Mai, I’ve put a lot of thought into this movie, and I know it’s going to be a hit. We are wrapping up soon, and if word gets out it will jeopardize the entire movie. Why don’t we conduct our own investigation and keep the situation under wraps. Once we apprehend the culprit we will hand them over to the police. You’re Qingsi’s manager, so she will definitely listen to you.”

Miss Mai listened to what the director had to say, before turning to her and saying, “Yan Qingsi is my actress. She nearly died… Died! You what happened. It was just a matter of seconds. In a situation like this, not only would Yan Qingsi disagree but so would I. This isn’t a small problem; it involves a person’s life! I would rather shelve the movie than place an actress in such danger! ”

Anxious, Director Cai remarked, “Lao Mai, we’re friends. If this movie flops, nothing will happen to you, but what about me?”

Miss Mai said frigidly, “I brought Qingsi back from Country M, and I had promised her that I would make her the greatest star in the country if she followed me. The prerequisite for that is for her to remain alive. In that respect, my principles will not change. Also, your plea to me isn’t of any use. I’m nothing but an employee under the Yue clan. Do you really think our Young Master Yue would be so kind as to just let it pass?

“You, me, and Yan Qingsi, none of us can change his mind.”

In the ambulance, a nurse was cleaning the wounds on Yan Qingsi’s thighs.

Her face was drained of color, but she did not wince.

Amongst the three of them, neither spoke a single word.

Yan Qingsi then asked Helan Fangnian, “Why are you here?”

It was not out of place for Yue Tingfeng to be there, but Helan Fangnian’s presence was what made her feel odd!

Yue Tingfeng glanced at Yan Qingsi.

Helan Fangnian then answered, “Yan Ruke looked for me half an hour ago. She said that your car had been sabotaged…”

Hearing Yan Ruke’s name elicited a single thought: conspiracy!

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