Chapter 373 - I Won’t Have Any Shortage of Men, Even Without You

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Chapter 373: I Won’t Have Any Shortage of Men, Even Without You

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Yan Ruke was not the most devious person, but he was the most sinister.

Yan Qingsi said disdainfully, “Heh, she’s probably the one person who most wants me dead. How did she know that the car had been tampered with? Why did she look for you instead of someone else? Where is she now?”

Helan Fangnian recounted, word for word, everything that Yan Ruke had told him.

Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. “Someone’s looking for her? Who is that person?”

Yue Tingfeng pinched Yan Qingsi’s face. “Can she even be trusted?”

Nodding, Yan Qingsi replied, “You’re right. She is all flatulence.”

It would be the funniest joke in the world if Yan Ruke really did emit farts every time she spoke.

Helan Fangnian thought about Yan Ruke’s tear streaked face. She looked upset and guilty. She even said that she would turn herself in. He hated Yan Ruke as well. The fact that her guilt was blatantly an act did not help her in any way. Could a family hate each other so much that they reached the point of no return?

Once they reached the hospital, a rough examination was done and all their wounds were dressed. All three wanted to leave the hospital, but was disallowed by the doctor, who said that they must be monitored for at least one night. The shockwaves from the explosion might have caused some latent damage, and that can only be promptly addressed if they were to remain in the hospital.

Yue Tingfeng would certainly want the VIP ward if he stayed at the hospital, but all the rooms in the VIP ward were single rooms. He still wanted to stay with Yan Qingsi, and, after some deliberation, he chose to remain with Yan Qingsi.

Plenty of comfortable nights awaited him in the future. This night was different. This night he had wanted to remain with Yan Qingsi, the princess whom he had saved.

Thus, he found himself in a normal ward, in a room with four beds.

Yan Qingsi, Yue Tingfeng, and Helan Fangnian were all in the same room.

Yue Tingfeng looked at Helan Fangnian and chortled, “You’re good, Helan. When did you get involved with Yan Ruke?”

Yue Tingfeng knew much more than Helan Fangnian when it came to the kind of person Yan Ruke was.

What would prompt Yan Ruke to provide such information? They had originally thought that she might be aiming to paint a good picture of herself, bit it appears that her motives have changed.

Helan Fangnian glanced briefly at Yue Tingfeng, closed his eyes, and kept quiet.

Yue Tingfeng snickered. He wondered if he should pity or be happy for Helan Fangian, and his relationship with Yan Ruke.

The smile on his face was so menacing that Yan Qingsi could not help but do a double take.

He got off the bed, walked over to Yan Qingsi, and titled her face up. “This face of yours is barely even worth a look. What’s going to happen to you if it’s destroyed? How about I solve this situation and get rid of these people for you.”

Yan Qingsi, who was grateful for Yue Tingfeng, found herself resenting him. She swatted his hand away and gnashed her teeth, saying, “Even if my face was destroyed, I’m still good in bed. I don’t need you to do your best for me. I wouldn’t have any shortage of men.”

Yue Tingfeng knew she did not mean what she was saying. ‘What men was she talking about? Isn’t it only me?’ He nodded, “You’re right. In this, I can vouch for your amazing skills.”

He ran his thumb across her face and asked, “Is it still painful?”

“What about you?”

Yue Tingfeng sat beside her and said, “As long as you’re okay.”

Helan Fangnian looked at their interaction and noticed that Yan Qingsi did nothing to push Yue Tingfeng away, despite how close he was,

When compared to how she had treated him in the past, her relationship with Yue Tingfeng was a very different one.

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