Chapter 374 - It Isn’t Worth It to Risk Your Life for Some Trash

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Chapter 374: It Isn’t Worth It to Risk Your Life for Some Trash

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Yan Qignsi further relaxed when she gazed into his eyes, seeing that she could depend on him.

Helan Fangnian closed his eyes. He was feeling cold and his eyes burned.

Before he had met Yan Qingsi, he looked upon her as a beacon for his valor and hope, but upon meeting her, he realized that he had been mistaken.

Since he was in the hospital, Yue Tingfeng called home.

Mrs. Yue received the call and was so shocked that her heart ailments nearly acted up. She rushed over immediately, bringing dinner.

Once she entered the ward, her eyes reddened upon seeing Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng. She said, “You two kids. Why weren’t you more careful? It’s only been a while and the two of you are already hospitalized. How’s the injury?” Before she could finish, she saw Helan Fangnain lying on one of the beds and was momentarily stunned. “Ah, three people…”

Helan Fangnian stood up and greeted her, “Aunt Yue.”

Mrs. Yue looked down at the food in her hands. “You see, I’ve only brought enough for two.”

Helan Fangnin responded immediately, “It’s fine. My mom and the others will be here soon.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then you can wait for them.”

Mrs. Yue held up her hand and patted Yue Tingfeng. “And you two, eat up. Romance isn’t going to fill your stomach. You can continue after you have eaten.”

Yue Tingfeng could not help but laugh. ‘Romance. Why did it sound as though she was saying that on purpose?’ He glanced at Helan Fangnian and, in a provocative move, placed an arm around Yan Qingsi’s waist. Yan Qingsi said, “Auntie, we’re alright. It’s just a few cuts.”

Mrs. Yue looked worried when she saw Yan Qingsi’s face. “Let me look at your face. As an actress, your face is very important, but don’t worry, even if there’s a scar I have something that would help remove it.”

Yan Qingsi nodded, “Mm, okay…”

“Eat up.”

Barely halfway into the meal, Mrs. Helan and Helan Xiuse came running in.

Mrs. Helan’s expression soured upon seeing Mrs. Yue, but she managed to smile and greet Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng politely. Yan Qingsi, on the other hand, was ignored.

Helan Xiuse cried and hugged her elder brother’s arm. “Big Brother, how are you? Mom and I were shocked to death when we heard you got injured. Why were you so careless?”

“I’m fine. It’s just a small wound.”

Mrs. Yue put on a stern face and chastised him, “You’re too kind. If you want to save someone, the least you could do is check whether the person is worth saving. Don’t just go around saving anyone. It isn’t worth it to risk your life for some trash.”

Helan Fangnian retorted angrily, “Shut up, Mother.”

With a snap, the chopsticks in Yue Tingfeng’s hand broke in half. His eyes were full of murderous intent.

Yan Qingsi continued to drink her chicken soup slowly as if she did not hear anything at all.

Mrs. Yue glared at the two of them and told them to continue eating their meal. They did not need to defend themselves, not when Mrs. Yue herself was standing there. She would never let Mrs. Helan abuse them.

She stood up and chuckled. “You’re right, Mrs. Helan. I have first-hand experience. I made the mistake of saving a piece of trash when I was younger, and now I have to listen to her yap at me. If I knew what she was, I would have left her there. I feel disgusted just by looking at her, and I have to look at her every day.”


Savage Si’er: “Mama Yue is amazing!”

Mama Yue: “Here’s some candy. Would you like to get married to that silly son of mine?”

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