Chapter 376 - Mama Yue Destroys Those Good-for-Nothings

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Chapter 376: Mama Yue Destroys Those Good-for-Nothings

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The sarcastic smirk on Yan Qingsi’s face disappeared gradually.

‘She’s right. No matter how you put it, Helan Fangnian was also the one who saved her. So be it, then…’

Mrs. Yue then gave a sudden pinch on the cheeks of both Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng, fiercely telling them, “What are you two looking at? Hurry up and eat. You’re not even afraid to lose your appetite after seeing all those filthy things. If you don’t finish it, you won’t have anything to eat tomorrow.”

A shiver came over Mrs. Helan. In the past, she often displayed her might before Mrs. Yue and enjoyed stepping on the latter whenever she pleased.

Injustice would usually be felt by the bully once the victim turned the tables on the bully so abruptly.

Yan Qingsi looked up immediately and smiled sweetly. “Auntie’s cooking is really delicious.”

Yan Qingsi had unknowingly developed a bond with Mrs. Yue. Whenever Mrs. Yue spoke, Yan Qingsi’s eyes would brighten up. Her voice would also become tender and she ditched the harsh, cutting words that she used daily. From the looks of it, she resembled an ordinary young lady. As she ate, her cheeks puffed up and Mrs. Yue could not resist pinching them.

Mrs. Yue rubbed her fingers and patted Yan Qingsi’s head. “Then make sure you eat more. Is there anything you’d like to eat? Let me know and I’ll send it over tomorrow.”

Previously, Yan Qingsi would definitely have said, ‘Don’t trouble yourself’ or ‘I can eat anything, I’m not picky’.

However, on that day, Yan Qingsi said, “Actually, I like desserts.”

Yue Tingfeng butted in. “Ma, I like eating meat.”

Mrs. Yue pushed his face away.

Yue Tingfeng glanced at the two of them talking so harmoniously with each other. He, on the other hand, was excluded from their conversation. Sighing, he felt like…they were neglecting him.

Nevertheless, Yue Tingfeng’s lips curled up and he was feeling happy.

After the meal, Yue Tingfeng told his mother to go home, as the night was already dark and the two of them did not really need her to stick around.

Mrs. Yue remained steadfast and sat beside them. She glanced askance at Mrs. Helan. ‘Tch… Am I supposed to just leave now when this wretched Zhang Suya is still here? I’m not that stupid.’

Helan Fangnian did not agree to let his mother change him to another room.

“Mom, go home. I’ll be fine here. You saw it yourself that it’s only some minor external wound. You don’t need to worry. Bring Xiu Xiu home.”


Noticing that her mother was going to get angry again, Helan Xiuse hurriedly said, “Mommy, please don’t be angry. I also think that Big Brother’s wounds aren’t serious. Let’s go home today and let Big Brother rest properly. We’ll come tomorrow.”

Mrs. Helan glanced at Yan Qingsi and pulled a long face. She remarked scornfully, “Fangnian, you have to know your own worth. Although you may have your heart set on her, there are people that I can’t let into the Helan family, not even by a half-step. Sluts are sluts. They can wear the most expensive clothes to cover themselves, but deep in their bones lies a filthiness that will never change. She cannot taint the Helan family’s bloodline.”

Yan Qingsi tugged on Mrs. Yue’s arm and said, “Auntie, look at how much of a joke these people are. I have no idea where they get such confidence. They’re saying it as though they’re really noble but they don’t even notice how others look at their messy family. They think that sticking a few chicken feathers is enough to make them look like a phoenix.”

Mrs. Yue rolled her eyes. “Exactly! Their life is a joke. They are so pleased with themselves all the time, but the truth? They’re worse than cowards.”

Mrs. Helan nearly cracked her teeth when she clenched her jaw. “Don’t go overboard, Su Ningmei!”

Mrs. Yue spread out her hands and sported a helpless expression. “Was I talking about you? Why are you willingly taking my comment as a personal attack? It’s not like you can do anything if I cross the line. Aww… You’re not happy? If you’re unhappy, then deal with it!”


Rich Man Yan: “I feel like my ma’s getting much more amazing by the day!”

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