Chapter 377 - You’re Too Gullible

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Chapter 377: You’re Too Gullible

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On that day, Mrs. Yue was getting trigger-happy with Mrs. Helan.

The latter was seething with hatred just by looking at Mrs. Yue’s pretentious high morals and self-belief.

Her entire body was shaking and beside her, Helan Xiuse’s tears were flowing uncontrollably while Helan Fangnian’s headache was getting worse.

Helan Fangnian said coldly, “Mom, enough. You guys should leave. I’m fine. I’ll get discharged tomorrow morning.”

Helan Xiuse nodded quickly, “That’s right, Mommy, let’s just go. If we don’t go, Big Brother won’t be able to rest. Daddy’s flight is tonight and he’s almost home now. Let’s just go home.”

She wailed and swayed her mother’s hand.

Mrs. Helan gritted her teeth. “I won’t hold this against you. Xiuxiu, let’s go.”

After letting out a cold huff, she brought Helan Xiuse away.

The young girl then turned to Mrs. Yue1 and stopped to bow to her [1]. “Auntie, let’s go together… You and my mommy have known each other for so long. There may be some things that my mommy said too hastily, so if there is anything that was wrongly said, I’m hoping that the two of you can talk it out.”

Mrs. Yue was briefly hesitant, but in truth, she did have a few things she wanted to talk about with Mrs. Helan.

Glancing quickly at Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi, she asked, “Will you two be okay if I leave?”

Yue Tingfeng placed his arm around Yan Qingsi’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. What’s going to happen? I’m here.”

Mrs. Yue teased, “Hehe, be careful not to get kicked down.”

Yue Tingfeng’s1 expression darkened. “Ma…”

Mrs. Yue waved her hands and left.

Mrs. Helan walked speedily after leaving the ward. Her high heels clicked against the floor and produced a rapid series of clicks. Mrs. Yue pursed her lips. ‘As if you’re the only one wearing high heels.’

Helan Xiuse turned frantically and said softly, “Mommy, you can’t be like this. Why is your temper so bad lately? Why can’t you talk about some things when you’ve calmed down? Auntie Yue’s temper has always been good and you’ve both been friends for so long. Why did you just get into an argument like that for no good reason? Mommy, don’t think of anything else. Just think whether there’s any benefit for you to offend the Yue family. If Daddy’s business were to suffer, then what about Big Brother’s?”

Mrs. Helan halted her footsteps and cooled herself down in her mind. She was very angry indeed, as she used to be someone who knew how to put on a façade. At that moment, however, Mrs. Yue had provoked her to the point where she lost control.

Clenching her fist tightly, she blamed it all on Mrs. Yue’s sudden change of IQ. Mrs. Yue was always characteristically dimwitted, but all of a sudden, the woman’s mind appeared to have been enlightened. Her smartness appeared out of the blue and her opposition toward Mrs. Helan was what led to the loss of self-control.

Mrs. Helan took a deep breath. Irrespective of anything, she had to calm herself down.

She did not believe that such a reversal of fortunes would happen, not when she had piled on all that weight on Su Ningmei all those years.

Though she may look down on Mrs. Yue, she would never admit to that, because the fact was that the Helan family was a step below the Yue family.

Mrs. Helan stopped and waited for Mrs. Yue to catch up. Then, she said, “Mrs. Yue, I got too riled up just now. I’m sorry. I offer you my apologies. The good relationship between our families should not be broken just because of some unimportant people.”

Helan Xiuse added on hastily, “Mrs. Yue, my mom knows she’s wrong. Please don’t get angry.”

Beaming with a smile, Mrs. Yue said, “I don’t accept your apology. What do you mean unimportant? Tell me, who’s this unimportant person you’re talking about?”

Mrs. Helan smiled and said, “Big Sis Su, I’m calling you big sis because I don’t treat you as an outsider. You’re too gullible.”

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