Chapter 378 - To Me, She’s Better Than You by A Hundredfold

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Chapter 378: To Me, She’s Better Than You by A Hundredfold

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Mrs. Helan put on a face that screamed ‘I’m-doing-this-for-your-good’. She said, “You can’t see what kind of person that Yan Qingsi is but I saw it with one look. Tingfeng can play around with her since it’s no big deal for youngsters nowadays to be with celebrities. But don’t let it become the real deal. You probably wouldn’t want someone like her to enter the Yue family, would you?”

“You done talking?” Mrs. Yue asked.

Thinking that Mrs. Yue heeded her advice, Mrs. Helan continued, “Big Sis Su, I know you’re very naïve, but sometimes…you need to open your eyes to the world. Look at that Yan Qingsi. What kind of person is she? The best thing you can say about her is that she’s a celebrity. Crudely speaking, she’s just an actress, someone who plies her trade anywhere. If he really gets married to such an unclean person, she’ll become part of the family. The entire Luo city’s upper circle would laugh at Tingfeng. Tingfeng’s your son—are you really going to let people say things behind his back?”

Mrs. Yue’s expression remained calm. “What else?”

Mrs. Helan was certain that her words were having an effect and rambled on, “Moreover… Even if you agree to it, would Tingfeng’s father agree too? Will his father agree to let such a woman into the family, one who’s so unrestrained in her activities and seduces men everywhere?”

Mrs. Yue asked, “Have you finished?”

Running her fingers through her hair, Mrs. Helan said, “Big Sis, I’m telling you this for your own good. Can’t you see that Tingfeng and Fangnian both like Yan Qingsi? I never took her for anything but this woman is so capable that she made both brothers fall for her at the same time. Can’t you see that? Tingfeng’s relationship with Fangnian has changed completely. Are you really going to let those two childhood friends become enemies just because of a wh*re?”

Mrs. Yue said plainly, “Zhang Suya, for the sake of our longtime friendship, I’ve never taken anything to heart no matter what happens in our daily life. You’ve never pushed me to my limit either, and I can’t be bothered to argue with you. But don’t you think you’ve forgotten something?”

A frown appeared on Mrs. Helan’s face as she asked, “What?”

Mrs. Yue’s face was unemotive and she glared at Mrs. Helan. “You’ll always be the daughter of the Su family’s maid. That’s something that no one can change. Before you talk about how lowly others are, think about yourself and what kind of person you are.”

Mrs. Helan’s face turned red immediately, while Helan Xiuse looked at her own mother after hearing all those things she had never heard before.”

Agitation began surfacing from Mrs. Helan’s angry-looking eyes. “Don’t you… Don’t…”

Mrs. Yue interrupted her words and pointed at her nose. “Don’t what? Don’t talk nonsense? Heh…it’s good enough that you’re believing your own lies. You’ve been pretending for so many years, thinking that you were reincarnated. I won’t bother you again today. This is the last shred of dignity that I’ll give you. There’s no more next time.”

The indignancy on Mrs. Helan’s face could no longer be controlled. She saw an intense disdain and belittlement from Mrs. Yue’s eyes, as if Mrs. Yue did not regard her as a person.

“And also, Yan Qingsi’s not someone unimportant. She’s a girl that my son likes, and I like her too. To me, that kid is better than you. You always think that you’re above others, acting all high and mighty, but the truth is, your fortunes will never change.”


Jiang Lai the assistant makes an appearance: “Here’s some info—Mrs. Yue’s name is Su Ningmei, and Mrs. Helan’s is Zhang Suya. These people, mm, they’re in the story!”

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