Chapter 4 - You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (IV)

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Chapter 4: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (IV)

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Yan Ruke was thoroughly discontented but she did not dare to strike a wrong note with Yue Tingfeng.

To become Yue Tingfeng’s fiancée was not an easy task and she had to rack her brains just to do so. It was a difficult journey for her to reach that point and she could not let Yan Qingsi ruin what she had built up so painstakingly.

Yan Ruke nodded. “You… In that case, please rest well. I’ll come by again tomorrow to check on you.”

Once she was out the door, a sinister resentfulness filled her eyes. She formed her hand into a fist so tight that her fingernails dug into her flesh.

“Yan Qingsi, I shan’t indulge you to behave in such coquettish manner again.”

However, Yan Ruke quickly changed her expression as Yue Tingfeng’s assistant, Jiang Lai, walked over. With a smile, she greeted, “Special Assistant Jiang…”

Jiang Lai walked past her then knocked on the door and entered the room.

Yan Ruke’s face subsequently reverted back to sourness, as though lemon juice had been splashed all over her face.

Jiang Lai asked softly, “Young Master, about Miss Qingsi. How shall it be handled?”

Yue Tingfeng snickered. “Handle? Has she begged you yet?”

“That… No…”

“Since she has her own set of principles, why should I butt into her affairs? She’d think I’m inviting self-humiliation.”

Jiang Lai looked down. ‘Young Master wants Miss Qingsi to beg him out of her own accord but will someone like her even do such a thing?’

Yue Tingfeng scanned across the messy bed—the dark red blotch on those snow-white sheets was a jarring sight.

Every single person who knew Yan Qingsi—whether it was her friends, relatives, classmates, or neighbors—breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that Yan Qingsi had been arrested.

Everyone regarded Yan Qingsi as being the evil of all evils; so nefarious that she could provoke humans and gods to anger. Everyone wanted her punished and dead.

One look at her slutty expression and her eye-catching fashion sense was enough for one to identify her as a bad influence.

Her mother was a mistress and so was she, though she was sluttier than her mother. She stole her sister’s boyfriend, slept with her younger aunt’s man, and even snatched her best friend’s boyfriend. Whoring around seemed to run in her family, so when she was brought to the police station, everyone let loose their implacable hatred of her and proceeded to utter in delight, ‘Serves her right!’

Everyone gossiped about how a slut like her would finally meet her demise.

The heavens had at long last, cast away the evildoer, much to the joy and celebration of everyone else.

On the fourth day at the detention center, the person she had been waiting for had finally shown up. It was her father, Yan Songnan.

They were biological father and daughter but at that moment they looked like irreconcilable enemies who could not even live under the same sky.

Yan Songnan lowered his voice and lashed out. “Yan Qingsi, what on earth do you want?”

Yan Qingsi unfolded her hands. “What do I want? Look at me, what do you think I want?”

She donned the detention center’s yellow prison uniform and a rubber band held up her messy hair. She had no makeup on and dry patches of skin stuck out from her lips.

Even so, her gorgeousness and menace did not diminish one bit.

It was a wonder that such a woman could even exist. Whether she wore expensive and exquisite clothes or just any old rag, her charm and allure remained all the same.

She might not have been beautiful then but her unrivaled magnetism could become a person’s addiction…

It was best to stay away from that kind of woman as the slightest contact will undoubtedly induce one to lower their guard.

Yan Songnan stared directly into Yan Qingsi’s eyes. She smiled but the bone-chilling coldness of her eyes was so prominent it caused Yan Songnan to feel flustered and avoid her gaze. “You’ve committed a serious crime. The evidence is conclusive and it’s not something that can be cooked up.”

Yan Qingsi snickered coldly. “The evidence is conclusive? Something must be wrong with your brain, Daddy. I’m not going to talk nonsense with you. I’m giving you two days. If I can’t get out of this place by then, you’ll be the one who’s gonna keep me company, Daddy.”

Conclusive evidence? The only evidence was that the Yan family conspired against her.

Embezzling money was an act done by her father’s own hand.

Bodily harm was the work of her ‘stepsister’.

It did not matter though because she had information that could be used against Yan Songnan. She had ample means to get out of prison.

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