Chapter 402 - Only A Dead Man Can’t Reveal Secrets

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Chapter 402: Only A Dead Man Can’t Reveal Secrets

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Yue Tingfeng stared at his phone, f*ck, what did he miss?

God d*mn it, he had hung up too soon.

Yue Tingfeng held his phone and intended to call back, but Jiang Lai shouted urgently, “Boss, boss, everyone’s waiting for you to start the meeting, you need to hurry… that Felein is about to walk out.”

“Get out… Get out, you just ruined something great for me.”

Jiang Lai was shocked, he had just been scolded for nothing, what did he do wrong?

Yan Qingsi gently tapped her phone on the table, the smile on her face had faded to a cold look and no one knew what was on her mind.

Ji Mianmian spoke up softly, “Miss, it’s time for lunch…”

Yan Qingsi snapped back to reality. “Okay, let’s go.”

She raised her head and looked at Ji Mianmian. “Mianmian, follow me somewhere later in the afternoon.”

Ji Mianmian’s eyes sparkled and she nodded repeatedly. “Okay… Wherever you say we’re going, I’ll go with you.”

She was recommended by Lil’ Xu. Before she was employed by Yan Qingsi, she was already one of her fans She even created two Weibo accounts to praise Yan Qingsi’s beauty in various ways.

Now, she was finally able to see her idol’s beauty up close. Ji Mianmian would not mind staring at Yan Qingsi for twenty-four hours.

Ji Mianmian was also a food lover, she was basically a walking food map. Ever since she had taken on the job, Yan Qingsi’s breakfast and lunch were all her responsibility.

This made Lil’ Xu feel like he had been demoted from a personal assistant to a chauffeur.

After lunch, they had nothing to do. Yan Qingsi brought Ji Mianmian and Lil’ Xu to the detention center.

When they arrived, Lil’ Xu waited in the car outside, while Ji Mianmian and Yan Qingsi went inside.

Seeing the state Yan Songnan was in, Yan Qingsi could only feel happiness.

Yan Songnan’s hair was white, his face wrinkled, he had lost a lot of weight and he looked like a corpse. His eyes were ashen gray and he looked twenty years older than when he went to jail.

“Qingsi, we’re father and daughter, so please… help me.” Yan Songnan looked at Yan Qingsi as though she were his last straw of hope.

Yan Qingsi looked at him coldly. “I had already broken off our relationship as father and daughter a long time ago. The position you’re in now, even though it isn’t my doing, makes me happy. All these years, I’ve had to suppress the hate in my heart, I really wanted to see all of you dead. Now that you’ve gotten yourself in this situation, I couldn’t be happier, so why should I help you?”

Yan Songnan looked terrified as he glanced around in paranoia, speaking lowly, “I’m not asking you to get me out of jail, I’m aware that the crimes I carry on my back will never let me leave this place without consequence. All I ask is that you help me survive. If I can survive in prison, that’s good enough.”

Yan Qingsi was rather surprised that Yan Songnan would say this, she did not think that Yan Songnan would actually ask her to help him like this.

“The Ye Family… why would they want to kill you?”

“Because I…”

Yan Qingsi cut him off. “Oh… I know, because you and Ye Lingzhi have a shared secret. And if you don’t want others to ever know about this secret, the best way would be if one of you dies, isn’t it? Only a dead man won’t reveal secrets.”

That secret was her mother’s death!

Yan Songnan’s face instantly turned pale.

Yan Qingsi looked at him and her lips curled in a smile. “I can help you but you must avenge my mom by confessing! I want every single one of those who deserve to die to receive their punishment.”

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