Chapter 404 - Hey, I’ve Never Met a Woman as Shameless as You

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Chapter 404: Hey, I’ve Never Met a Woman as Shameless as You

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Yan Songnan gritted his teeth. Yan Qingsi was unwilling to give him any assurances.

She could be bluffing but he had no choice. The initiative was entirely in Yan Qingsi’s hands this time. Whether or not to agree to cooperate was a massive gamble.

Finally, Yan Qingsi spoke neutrally, “You don’t need to rush into agreeing. I’ll give you time to think it through. As for how long you’ll need to think is up to you. As long as you’re alive, I don’t really mind.”

Yan Songnan watched as Yan Qingsi walked away, and he wanted to call out to stop her but he stopped himself and thought he should wait a bit more. He could not agree to it so hastily and needed to go back and really think it through to see if he could use Yan Qingsi’s identity to his advantage.

When the time came he would threaten her into helping him.

Ji Mianmian silently followed behind Yan Qingsi, holding Yan Qingsi’s bag for her. Her eyes sparkled as she watched Yan Qingsi. She was the perfect model of a fan.

Yan Qingsi’s eyes were stung by the sun as they walked out of the detention center.

Ji Mianmian quickly whipped out a pair of sunglasses for Yan Qingsi to put on and opened an umbrella to block the sun’s rays. “Miss, quickly get in the car. It’s too hot outside.”


They had not taken two steps when Yan Qingsi stopped. She saw a pair of shoes in front of her—a man’s expensive bespoke leather shoes.

Yan Qingsi’s line of sight was blocked by the umbrella. She could not see the person in the shoes but heard his cold and clear voice, “Miss Yan.”

The sound made Yan Qingsi shiver despite the sun. She slowly pushed away the umbrella in Ji Mianmian’s hand and saw him—Ye Shaoguang. His skin pale, standing under the sun.

Yan Qingsi unwittingly clenched her fist for a moment. She was so unfortunate to meet Ye Shaoguang there of all places. What was he doing there? To see Yan Songnan as well?

Yan Qingsi bowed her head blandly. “Mr. Ye…”

They were not anything more than acquaintances—having only met once—and could not even qualify for acknowledging each other in public. Yan Qingsi had no intention of saying anything. She looked at Ji Mianmian who immediately held the umbrella above her again, and both of them walked to the car.

However, Ye Shaoguang did not intend to let them go so easily and reached out an arm. “Miss Yan, please wait a moment.”

Ji Mianmian immediately stepped forward in front of Yan Qingsi. Glaring at Ye Shaoguang, her voice stern. “Who are you, and what are you doing?”

Ye Shaoguang looked past Ji Mianmian at Yan Qingsi’s face. “Miss Yan, can I have a word?”

At that moment, Yan Qingsi remembered Yue Tingfeng’s warning, ‘If you meet this man, stay away.’

She replied, “No.”

Ye Shaoguang spoke lightly, “I think we should talk, if not… I fear you’ll regret it.”

Ji Mianmian huffed, “Hey, I’m talking to you. Do you not understand me? Miss Qingsi said she doesn’t wish to speak to you. Are you mentally disturbed?”

Ji Mianmian walked away from Ye Shaoguang with a sigh and opened the car door, but there was nobody in the car. Where was Lil’ Xu?

Ye Shaoguang spoke coldly, “Miss Yan’s driver is currently in my car, having a chat with my driver.”

“You…” Yan Qingsi felt a pang of pain in her head, and she gritted her teeth hard. This f*cking assh*le!

He dared to use Lil’ Xu to threaten her.

She spoke tensely, “And if I don’t agree?”

Ye Shaoguang simply smiled. “No problem. I’ve got time today. I think I can wait until Miss Yan is willing to have a chat with me.”

Without waiting for Yan Qingsi to speak, Ji Mianmian rolled her sleeves up. “Hey, I’ve never met a woman as shameless as you. Who are you? You’re just a little more good looking, a little taller, and you dare to come up to my Miss Qingsi and act macho. I can rumble with you for 300 rounds, and not get wounded. Would you believe me or not?”

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