Chapter 405 - At One Look I Knew He Wasn’t a Good Person

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Chapter 405: At One Look I Knew He Wasn’t a Good Person

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Yan Qingsi’s eyes widened. D*mn. This Mianmian was not a sheep was she? She looked like an Amazonian.

She actually dared to call Ye Shaoguang a woman—her pluckiness was amazing.

It was not just Yan Qingsi who was amazed, even Ye Shaoguang was stunned. It must have been the first time he had been insulted by someone that way.

Yan Qingsi reached out to pull Ji Mianmian to tell her that he was not a woman, but a man.

No one could have thought that Ji Mianmian—with a mind to protect her goddess—could have stepped in front of Yan Qingsi, pointed a finger in Ye Shaoguang’s face, and said, “With that sharp chin of yours, how many times did you grind it to get that chiseled face 1? A good and proper lady like yourself, why are you trying to be a man? Do you think by wearing a black suit, you can act like you’re some big shot? Pfft… And that face of yours… Can you smile? Are you even able to smile? It must’ve already gone rigid from the amount of hyaluronic acid injections 1 you’ve done.”

Yan Qingsi knew in her heart that Ye Shaoguang was a dangerous man. For Ji Mianmian to insult him this badly, she did not think that he was going to be very understanding and let them off easily.

Yan Qingsi spoke softly, “Man?”

Ji Mianmian did not understand. “What man?”

Yan Qingsi said, “He’s a man.”

Ji Mianmian paused and then broke out in laughter. “What man? He… Him? How does he look like a man? He looks entirely like a woman! I… I…”

Ji Mianmian could no longer say anymore ‘I’s’, the ‘beautiful lady’ in front of her had Adam’s apple.

Ji Mianmian suddenly felt that her legs had gone weak. Luckily, Yan Qingsi was next to her to support her.

She asked softly, “This is a man?”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Yes, he is.”

Ye Shaoguang’s lips curled slightly. “Miss Yan’s assistant is also one of a kind. Why not she gets in the car and chat as well?”

Ji Mianmian was only helping to speak for Yan Qingsi just to protect her. Yan Qingsi could not let anything happen to her.

She pulled Ji Mianmian aside and stood forward. “Mr. Ye, didn’t you want to have a chat with me? Please.”

Ji Mianmian held on to Yan Qingsi. “Miss…”

She gave Ye Shaoguang a sideways glance, as he looked at them with a malicious, cunning look on his face—cold as an ice sculpture. Ji Mianmian shuddered and spoke softly, “You can obviously tell he’s not a good person!”

Yan Qingsi smiled and said, “Yes, you have a good eye. Get in the car and wait for me.”

Ji Mianmian muttered softly, “Miss Qingsi, if anything happens I’ll be right out. I can drive as well, so the worst-case scenario we can ditch Lil’ Xu and save ourselves. Anyway, Lil’ Xu is a man and he’s not that good looking. Furthermore, he’s poor so he wouldn’t be robbed or raped.”

Yan Qingsi was originally not in the best of moods, but in response to her words, she chuckled as Ji Mianmian hesitantly got in the car.

Ye Shaoguang gave Ji Mianmian a cold look and walked to the front of Yan Qingsi. He took the umbrella in her hand and held it for her in a very gentlemanly fashion. “Miss Yan, what did you talk about with Yan Songnan just now?”

Ye Shaoguang did not beat around the bush and got to the point.

Yan Qingsi stood in front of Ye Shaoguang and gave him a very serious look. “Naturally, I can’t tell you that Mr. Ye. More so, we’re father and daughter and it’s our own private matters, so we can’t reveal it to outsiders.”

Ye Shaoguang laughed softly. “Father and daughter…”

Yan Qingsi could hear the cynicism in his voice and she laughed in reply. “Of course we’re father and daughter. If not, would it be you and me?”

Ye Shaoguang’s face underneath the umbrella turned paler and he replied blandly, “Even though it’s not father-daughter, but… you can still call me uncle.”

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