Chapter 406 - You Can Lay Hands on Anyone Except Her

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Chapter 406: You Can Lay Hands on Anyone Except Her

Yan Qingsi clenched her fist. “Thanks. My mom’s name is Nie Qiuping, and I can’t claim to be connected with your family.”

Ye Shaoguang asked again, “In that case, what kind of deal were you discussing with Yan Songnan just now?”

“If you wanna know, then you should go and ask Yan Songnan. Your Ye family is pretty strong anyway, isn’t it? You came here just to look for him, didn’t you? Why are you asking me instead?”

“No. I came to look for you, Miss Yan.”

Yan Qingsi then thought of something crucial. She told him coldly, “You followed me.”

Ye Shaoguang smiled. “Can’t be helped. You attract a lot of attention, Miss Yan.”

Yan Qingsi tightened her fist. The man was probably worried that she would join hands with Yan Songnan and therefore kept a close watch on her from the shadows. She made her move that day, and that prompted him to come and stop her.

She looked at him with disdain and said scornfully, “I don’t need you to tell me all that, Mr. Ye. I know how attractive I am to people. Plenty of people are attracted to me. You should reduce your attention toward me, otherwise, I might think that you have an interest in me. I have work in the afternoon and I don’t have time to chat with you. Goodbye.”

Yan Qingsi snatched the umbrella from Ye Shaoguang’s hand and left.

In the earlier days, Yan Qingsi would surely have jested with him and said a few teasing sentences, but when faced with Ye Shaoguang, none of her wittiness made an appearance.

The mere thought of him being from the Ye family repulsed her thoroughly.

Ye Shaoguan’s voice resounded from behind her. “Word of advice for Miss Yan—be smart, don’t touch Ye Lingzhi. You can do anything you want to other members of the Yan family, as long as their surname is Yan. The only exception is Ye Lingzhi.”

Yan Qingsi stopped abruptly and turned around, telling him coldly, “Mr. Ye, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Your language is too sophisticated. I’m not a smart person, and I don’t have brains like yours, Mr. Ye. How about you say that clearly one more time?”

The man really did explain himself further. “No matter what deal is going on between you and Yan Songnan, it’s best that you stop it because you’ll never succeed.”

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “How did a meeting between daughter-and-father turn into a business deal? Do you always do these transactions with your father? Even if there was any resentment, it would’ve been gone by now. After all… We’re father and daughter.”

She was so close to vomiting blood after saying all that. It was just too disgusting to use the words that Yan Songnan used on her earlier.

Ye Shaoguang twitched his lip. “Miss Yan, you do have a point.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Ye Shaoguang’s expression remained cold as he said, “I think, Miss Yan doesn’t have any reason to damage her future because of some old affairs. If your fans knew that you’re a heartless, morally corrupt person who doesn’t even want to acknowledge her own father, will they still chase after you?”

Yan Qingsi let out a cold chuckle and nodded since the conversation had finally steered to threats. “You’re right. I’m exactly that kind of person. I’m a selfish, wicked vixen. Should I still be afraid to let everyone know about it?”

Would she still be afraid of all that if she was completely unafraid of life and death?

Ye Shaoguang seemed to have heard Yan Qingsi’s innermost thoughts. He said to her, “In this world, plenty of things are much scarier than death.”

Such empty threats sounded very awkward when coming out of Ye Shaoguang’s mouth. Yan Qingsi nodded. “Yes, I know you’re capable of doing that. Do your best then.”

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