Chapter 408 - I’m Dying to Go Home and Go to Bed

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Chapter 408: I’m Dying to Go Home and Go to Bed

Yue Tingfeng huffed. “You have the decency to call yourself ‘my woman’? What did Ye Shaoguang say to you?”

Yan Qingsi answered honestly, “He asked me what I talked about with Yan Songnan.”

“And what did you and Yan Songnan talk about?”

The presence of both Lil’ Xu and Ji Mianmian meant that there were a couple of things Yan Qingsi could not say too directly. She replied, “You probably know what.”

Yue Tingfeng frowned. “Ye Shaoguang won’t let you do as you please. I’m going back now. I’ve informed Qu Jing that you can look for him if anything happens when I’m not there. I’ll let you know how to contact him. Remember, don’t be a showoff if something happens.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Mm, I know.”

“Don’t stay alone. I’ve told Ma that you’ll sleep at my home tonight.”

Shocked, Yan Qingsi exclaimed, “Huh?”

“Huh what? Listen to me. Don’t let me go home and put you in order! And also, that Ji Mianmian beside you, I’ve checked her before. Her background is clean and she has good skills. Let her be beside you at all times.”

Feeling warm inside her heart, Yan Qingsi pressed the button to roll down the windows. The window slowly began descending and she placed on hand outside. The wind ran through her fingers, and it was like she could grasp at it. She found that feeling to be very comfortable.

She asked, “Will Ye Shaoguang really make a move against me?”

Yue Tingfeng answered without hesitation. “Yes. I know him better than you do. You might think you’re a bad person, but compared to him, your evilness is only one percent of his. Don’t take my words as a joke. Listen to me. Don’t be careless.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Okay. I know.”

Yue Tingfeng cursed from the other end. “Motherf*cker! If that bastard dares to touch a single strand of your hair, I’ll gut him when I’m back.”

She smiled and asked, “What are you up to?”

“Thinking of you, of course!”

Yan Qingsi’s smile grew bigger. “Why are you thinking of me?”

Yue Tingfeng let out a long-drawn sigh. “I’m missing you. At this time, I should be climbing up your bed in Luo City. I absolutely do not want to be with a bunch of old men overseas.”

Yan Qingsi looked up at the skyscraper outside. “When can you come back?”

“Yo, missing me?” Yue Tingfeng’s voice was full of excitement.

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Yes, I want you to climb up my bed!”

Yue Tingfeng chuckled unwittingly and said, “After this contract has been discussed, I’ll come back.”

Once he hung up, he kissed his cell phone.

What goes around comes around. It was the dawn of a new era for him, and his one desire was to go home and get on her bed.

Jiang Lai waited for Yue Tingfeng to finish the call before coming over warily. “Boss, Mr. Yue wants to see you.”

Yue Tingfeng twitched his lips cynically. “Is he sick in the head or something? He really does think that he’s my dad. He thinks I want to see him just because he wants to see me? I won’t meet him. Book me a flight ticket. Once I finish dealing with that old John today, we’re going home immediately tomorrow.”‘I’m waiting to go home and go to bed.’

Jiang Lai’s expression changed drastically. “This… I don’t think it’s good.”

“What’s not good?”

“Mr. Yue… He…is here.”

In the car, Ji Mianmian’s meaty face perked up. “Sis… Is that your boyfriend?”


Yan Qingsi thought for a while before nodding. “Yes.”

Ji Mianmian wailed in distress. Her goddess already had a boyfriend. ‘How sad. How am I going to lose my virginity?’

Lil’ Xu’s voice came from in front, “It’s our boss. You’ll see when we go back. Bloody handsome.”

Ji Mianmian howled in grief once more.

That was the first time Yan Qingsi officially came face-to-face with the word ‘boyfriend’. She discovered that she was actually not averse to it when she said it out loud.

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