Chapter 409 - We Have to Take Back Our Dignity After Being Bullied

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Chapter 409: We Have to Take Back Our Dignity After Being Bullied

Perhaps what Yue Tingfeng said was true—choosing not to go use such extreme ways of revenge allowed her to pave a path for her to continue living. Such was the beauty of being hopeful of surviving.

Yan Qingsi listened to Yue Tingfeng’s words. She did not go back to Splendid Residences but told Lil’ Xu to drive to the Yue home.

Mrs. Yue was still awake even though it was already late. She pulled Yan Qingsi over and said, “It’s good that you’re here to keep me company. It’s so annoying to be alone at home.”

“Didn’t you go out for a walk or play mahjong?”

Mrs. Yue twitched her lip and said, “Too lazy to go.”

Aunt Wu brought Yan Qingsi a hot cup of milk and said, “Miss Yan, you have no idea how terrible that Mrs. Helan was. She was bad-mouthing Madam outside, saying that Madam was using her power to bully people and that Madam looks down on them. No one wanted to visit Madam because of that. The other day when she went to play mahjong, they ganged up on Madam and caused her to lose a lot of money. She finally noticed that something was wrong and stopped playing after that. They squeezed out all of Madam’s money and said that the Yue family was a sore loser despite being rich.”

In fact, Mrs. Helan even said that Mrs. Yue favored a tramp to be her granddaughter-in-law, thereby self-deprecating her own status. Her dignity as a powerful family was all shoved down the drain.

Yan Qingsi’s expression became uglier and uglier as she continued listening to the story. Mrs. Helan’s shamelessness really had no motherf*cking limit.

It had originally been thought that Mrs. Helan would not dare to act maliciously against Mrs. Yue, but never did they imagine that she would utilize such underhanded means behind their backs.

Yan Qingsi looked at Mrs. Yue’s dispiritedness and felt distressed. It was easy to imagine how she had been pushed aside by all those people. Yan Qingsi asked, “How much did you lose that day?”

Embarrassment flashed through Mrs. Yue’s eyes. She raised two fingers.

“Twenty thousand?” Yan Qingsi questioned.

Mrs. Yue shook her head.

Yan Qingsi sighed and followed up, “Two hundred thousand…”

Yet again, Mrs. Yue shook her head before answering softly, “Two million.”

Yan Qingsi felt choked. Two million. That was how a rich man’s world worked. A simple game of mahjong and two million was lost. It was only a game of mahjong and yet they were playing so fiercely! How could a normal person live with that?

She got curious though. Just how terrible were Mrs. Yue’s skills that she could be swindled out of that much money?

Aunt Wu said angrily, “Strictly speaking, it was two point five million. Those people are just too shameless. They made fun of Madam on purpose.

Yan Qingsi chuckled. ‘Two point five million. They’re laughing at Mrs. Yue’s two point five million?’

She grabbed her phone to check her schedule. Nothing was going on tomorrow night, so she turned to Mrs. Yue and said, “Don’t worry about it. Give them a call tonight and invite them to play mahjong after dinner tomorrow.”

Mrs. Yue said softly, “But I’ll still lose.”

The losses were making her scared.

Yan Qingsi smiled. “I’ll go with you.”

Poker was not her forte, but mahjong was.

A surprised Mrs. Yue asked, “You’re going with me?”

“Of course. We have to take back our dignity after being bullied, or else they’ll think you’re a pushover. It’s set then. Tonight, we rest and recover our energy. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to slaughter them after dinner.”

Mrs. Yue’s eyes lit up immediately and she had an ineffable trust in Yan Qingsi. The phone calls were made at once.

She had only one response for those who did not want to come: “I’m giving you money but you don’t seem to want it.”

When evening came the next day, Mrs. Yue prepared a sumptuous feast with plenty to eat and drink. Yan Qingsi told Ji Mianmian, “Mianmian, grab some gunny sacks. We’re going…”

Curious, Mrs. Yue asked, “Why are you bringing gunny sacks for?”

“To put money in, of course!”

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