Chapter 414 - How Shameless Can This Woman Be?

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Chapter 414: How Shameless Can This Woman Be?

Mrs. Li gnashed her teeth, took off the ring on her finger and tossed it to Yan Qingsi. A yellow gem was set in the ring, and, despite the gem’s low grade, it was enough to pay off her debt.

In a similar manner, Mrs. Zhou got angry and took off her ring, throwing it at Yan Qingsi. Ji Mianmian gleefully collected them.

They chose not to swipe their cards because they were the wives of rich men. It would be embarrassing if anyone found out that they had lost so badly at mahjong that they had to swipe their cards.

After collecting her debt, Yan Qingsi said, “Come on, let’s continue!”

Mrs. Helan rubbed her aching wrists and said, “We’ve lost all our money and it’s quite late; we should be going.”

Yan Qingsi cocked her chin as if she were a gangster. “What do you mean you ‘should be going’, huh? What do you mean you ‘should be going’?”

“We’ve already agreed to play through the night. It’s still dark outside. You’re old, so you can’t possibly be rushing home to enjoy a romp in the sheets, right? Can you even cum? If you can’t, then let’s play! It’s much better than going home to hide under the sheets and make small talk.”

Yan Qingsi’s explicit words left the three old ladies red-faced. “You… You…”

She extended her arms and said, “Am I wrong? Even if you’re still horny, can your husbands satisfy you? Since they can’t, then why not try to fill your life with something worthwhile. The emptiness in your heart I think is best filled by playing mahjong.”

Yan Qingsi was the complete opposite of the demure girl who had stepped into the room. She had turned into an uncontrollable hussy, and the only thing missing was a cigarette

Mrs. Li and Mrs. Zhao’s hearts were filled with silent cursings. ‘Sh*t! No wonder she’s an actress. She knows how to act alright!’ They were both experienced players who had played against many other women. It came as a real shock to them because they had failed to notice Yan Qingsi’s bluff.

Gnashing her teeth, Mrs. Li said, “But we don’t have anything to play with.”

Yan Qingsi rubbed her chin and said, “How can that be?”

“Mrs. Li, you’re wearing Chanel’s latest summer outfit. It’s probably worth quite a sum. And Mrs. Zhou, your Cartier brooch isn’t half bad too. And…Mrs. Helan, your Patek Phillipe watch is very beautiful!”

Yan Qingsi’s scanning eyes had penetrated through their facade and had quickly identified their valuables.

The three ladies felt a shiver run up their spines when she said those words, and all they felt was a spell of cold wind breeze through their clothes.

‘How shameless can this woman be? She had stopped short of going up to them and snatching their clothes.’

Mrs. Helan slammed her hand onto the table. “Don’t go overboard! Playing mahjong is a matter of will. We can choose when we wish to play. And aren’t you robbing us at this point?”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes widened, she was puzzled. “How is this robbing? Each of us came here fairly and in accordance with our own will. If you don’t want to play anymore, then so be it. Just admit that you’re all sore losers and your families are poverty-stricken, with only cheap goods. Why do you have to impress others by faking your wealth?”

Mrs. Yue blinked. “Ugh, if it wasn’t because of this game, I wouldn’t have known that you were all so poor. You’re so short of money, and yet, you have the dignity to show off your wealth in front of me. I think I’d better tell my son to be more careful when doing business with your family, in case any of you defrauds him. My son is an honest businessman who has no time for people like you.”

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