Chapter 416 - Yan Qingsi, That Cruel Low-Life

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Chapter 416: Yan Qingsi, That Cruel Low-Life

The three rich wives had lost everything and were stripped down to their underwear. They were so embarrassed, they wanted to hide underneath the table.

The three of them were in their middle ages. Their ages, added together, would have exceeded one hundred. Alas, they were mercilessly put to shame by a twenty-ish-year-old vile woman.

It had never crossed their minds that Yan Qingsi, the vile woman, could be so heartless. After she had won their money, she moved on to their accessories, then their bags, and shoes. After that, it was their clothes…

While Yan Qingsi got Ji Mianmian to pack up their clothes, she looked pitifully at the bras on the rich wives and commented, “If it weren’t for the fact that they are used bras I would really have loved to win them too.”

Oh, and that was not the best part. The best part was Mrs. Zhou’s freshly done studded rhinestone manicure.

These rich people would never go for the cheap, imitation diamonds. These diamonds were real Swarovski crystals. After Yan Qingsi had won all the clothes on Mrs. Zhou, she aimed for the stones. She got Ji Mianmian to hold on to Mrs. Zhou’s hands while she hacked the crystals off.

At that moment, both Mrs. Helan and Mrs. Li thought themselves to be rather lucky, as they had decided not to get their nails done.

With her chin held up high, Yan Qingsi led Mrs. Yue and Ji Mianmian out of the private room. Despite staying up the entire night, the three of them still looked extremely vigorous. It was even more amazing than popping pills. Ji Mianmian hoisted the gunny bag over her shoulder. She felt as if she were on the top of the world, trailing behind her goddess.

Mrs. Yue tugged Yan Qingsi’s hand, her eyes alight. “Are we… are we… doing this?”

Yan Qingsi asked jovially, “Bad?”

Mrs. Yue shook her head with vehemence.

“Then, what is it?” Yan Qingsi asked.

Mrs. Yue’s face lit up with impish glee. She grabbed onto Yan Qingsi’s arm and began swinging them. “Would it be too satisfying?”

Yan Qingsi laughed out loud, “Haha! It’s good that you think it was fun. We’re here to smash them up today, it should be a joyous moment.”

“Qingsi, you’re great, you’re very great… you’re really great!”

Mrs. Yue was skipping along as she held on to Yan Qingsi’s hand; she was almost worshipping Qingsi like one would a goddess.

For years, Mrs. Yue played mahjong but the number of times she won a game was fairly limited. She was always at a disadvantage. She even received the moniker: “Wealth-Giving Tub”. No matter how hard she tried to improve her skills, her efforts were in vain. She was downright hopeless at playing mahjong.

But that day, Mrs. Yue felt that all the bitter indignation that she had buried under her heart finally got washed away.

Mrs. Yue was more and more impressed by Yan Qingsi. She was too good to be true.

She knew exactly how to stand up for herself, and, when she was really at it, she could easily quash those worthless s*umbags that were always on the lookout for a chance to bully her. She made them lose everything, stripping them down to their underpants. It was a wonderful feeling.

Mrs. Yue wanted to go to the washroom, but Ji Mianmian did not feel up to it, as she wished to unload her burden into the car first.

However, Ji Mianmian did not think that at five o’clock in the morning, there were still customers in the Jade Orchid Pavilion. She bumped into someone by accident when she walked around the corner.

The gunny bag was blocking her sight; she could only see from the chest downwards.

Ji Mianmian apologized right away, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t see you coming. Are you okay?”

A ghastly voice came to her ears from down below, “It’s you…”

After hearing the voice, Ji Mianmian immediately knew who that was. He was the “Big Tail Wolf” that she had mistaken for a lady.

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