Chapter 417 - Gotta Catch that B*stard

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Chapter 417: Gotta Catch that B*stard

Ji Mianmian shuddered and dashed off.

Her feet moved at top speed and she disappeared in a blink of an eye as if her legs were strapped with some superpower.

Ye Shaoguang had a glowing red complexion; his usually pale skin looked extremely gorgeous at that instant. His red lips looked like they had been covered with a layer of blood. They were seductive and alluring. He was just like how Ji Mianmian described, he was prettier than the ladies.

Ye Shaoguang’s deep-set eyes looked hollow and cold. In great anger, he gritted his teeth and pushed himself up against the wall.

Someone came up behind him. The person asked in surprise, “Yo, what’s up? Didn’t you say you were leaving? Why are you lying down out here? You didn’t drink much at all.”

“You were knocked over by someone? There’s a footprint on your pants. Were you trampled by someone?”

“Oh well, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can stand up there is nothing to worry about.”

Ye Shaoguang glanced over coldly and that person rubbed his nose uneasily. “Don’t be like that. You said you were going to give me a warm welcome, but you did absolutely nothing for the entire night. You were just sitting there, meditating like a monk. You were not moved by those hot girls stripping right in front of your eyes. I wonder if you’re alright?”

Ye Shaoguang pushed past the individual. “Move aside!”

“Tsk, Shaoguang. You don’t have to put on a false front. If you’re having an issue, I’ll take you to the doctor.”

Ye Shaoguang strode off. He had to get a hold of that b*stard.

Mrs. Yue held onto Yan Qingsi’s arm as they stepped out from the washroom. Despite her age and the fact that she had stayed up all night, Mrs. Yue was still brimming with energy. She was not tired at all. Just thinking about Mrs. Helan and friends, those three women who had no mercy bullying her, getting stripped down to their undergarments, and still not knowing what to do next, totally made her day.

In Mrs. Yue’s heart, Yan Qingsi’s rating shot up to new heights.

Mrs. Yue felt that she had finally found a friend. Holding on to Yan Qingsi, she felt that she had a lot of things to say.

Yan Qingsi was unhappy as she listened to the stories of Mrs. Yue’s failures at Mahjong. Those people never treated her like a friend. They picked on her as she was an easy target and got a lot of money out of her.

Fortunately, Mrs. Yue was broad-minded and had a happy go lucky personality. If it was someone else, that person would have cried countless times.

The manager had driven their car out to the front door. At the lobby, just a few steps away from the door, Yan Qingsi spotted an acquaintance of hers.

Yan Qingsi raised an eyebrow. “Hi, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Shaoguang walked out with a stone-cold expression. At the sight of Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue, he stopped and composed himself. He called out, “Mrs. Yue. Miss Yan.”

Mrs. Yue knew Ye Shaoguang. She grinned, “Shaoguang, you’re leaving? Try not to stay out too late, you have to look out for your health.”

Ye Shaoguang nodded. “Thank you, Mrs. Yue, for being concerned. I’m fine.”

Yan Qingsi was worried and hoped that Ji Mianmian would not appear then, otherwise she would be in trouble.

Yan Qingsi wanted to take Mrs. Yue and hurry away. She said, “Auntie, let’s go. I’m having a headache after playing mahjong all night.”

Upon hearing her, Mrs. Yue said quickly, “Then, let’s go now. Go home and take rest. I’ll make you some black chicken stew.”

“Shaoguang, we’re leaving. Come over to the house when you are free.” Mrs. Yue departed with Yan Qingsi.

Ye Shaoguang called out, “Miss Yan, please hold on.”

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