Chapter 418 - Do You Dare to Take Yue Tingfeng’s Woman?

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Chapter 418: Do You Dare to Take Yue Tingfeng’s Woman?

Yan Qingsi’s heart stirred but her expression remained calm. She asked, “Mr. Ye, how can I help you?”

The corner of Ye Shaoguang’s lips twitched slightly, curving into a faint smile. His face looked even more mesmerizing. He asked, “Could you please call your female assistant? I have something to say to her.”

Yan Qingsi looked puzzled. “What female assistant?”

Ye Shaoguang could see that Yan Qingsi was deliberately pretending to be confused. He explained patiently, “She was… the one that knocked me over the other day… the female assistant!”

Yan Qingsi looked like she suddenly got reminded. “Oh… You meant the assistant that mistaken you as a lady, she… It’s late now, cough… It’s late at night, she must be at home, how could I call her out?

“Moreover, she is my assistant, not yours. Why should I call her out for you? She is still a young lady. Isn’t it too casual if you could just meet her as you wish?”

Ye Shaoguang’s thin lip let out a low laugh. “Is she really at home? I really saw her just then.”

Yan Qingsi thought, ‘D*mn it, Mianmian is so unlucky.’

“Really? That’s weird. You actually saw her here? Tsk, perhaps… you saw it wrongly? Mr. Ye, you look pale to me. Were you hallucinating due to staying up late?”

Mrs. Yue was confused. She was wondering why Qingsi insisted that Mianmian was not around when she was clearly there.

However, there must be a reason for Qingsi to have said so.

Mrs. Yue said, “Yea, yeah, Shaoguang, you haven’t been well. You should go to bed early and get up for exercise, maybe you were hallucinating just now.”

Ye Shaoguang’s eyes narrowed. “I’m afraid that I didn’t make a mistake. I might have seen wrongly with my eyes but the footprint on me must be right…”

Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue’s eyes met each other.

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hands. “Well, then if you saw her then go and look for her. We really didn’t see her.”

Mrs. Yue nodded. “Yeah, we didn’t see her.”

No matter what he said, they were not going to admit it.

Ji Mianmian was not stupid. She would never get down from the car at that instant.

Ye Shaoguang was speechless for a moment. What more could he say to have met such a rogue person?

Yan Qingsi yawned. “Oh, after winning the mahjong game for one night, I’m exhausted. Auntie, let’s go home and rest.”

“Mm, let’s go home.” Mrs. Yue took Yan Qingsi’s hand and got into the car.

Ye Shaoguang looked at them leaving coldly. When the door was swung open, he could see clearly that a head ducked.

Ye Shaoguang sneered, ‘Humph… you can escape the first day, let’s see if you could also escape the fifteenth day1. We’ll see, how many more times could you dodge.’

Ye Shaoguang was about to turn around and leave as he saw a head stretched out from the car window. She made a face at him after they drove a few meters further away.

Ye Shaoguang1!

“The lady that spoke to you just now looked really fine. Introduce her to me.”

Ye Shaoguang turned around slowly and let out a snort. “That was Yue Tingfeng’s woman. If I were daring enough to tell you, do you dare to take her?”

“D*mn it…”

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand to pull Ji Mianmian’s head back in. “Don’t you go challenge him and dig your own grave.”

Ji Mianmian chuckled, “He is such an eyesore.”

Yan Qingsi sighed, Ji Mianmian was still a kid.

Back at Yue’s home, Yan Qingsi fell asleep right away. She was woken up by a phone call two hours later. She answered the call semi-consciously, “Hello… Yes, I’m Yan Qingsi.”

“We’re from the detention center, Yan Songnan is dead…”

Yan Qingsi sat up abruptly, completely awake.


Mama Yue: Son, let’s marry Qingsi and bring her home. She’s our lucky charm.

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