Chapter 419 - I Don’t Believe that He Would Die

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Chapter 419: I Don’t Believe that He Would Die

‘Yan Songnan is dead?’

Yan Qingsi’s mind was completely blank. A voice kept on ringing in her head, ‘How did he die?’

Yan Qingsi finally found her own voice after some time. “How did he die?”

The person from the detention center replied, “He slit his wrist at dawn. When he was found, it was already too late.”

Yan Qingsi shouted sternly, “No way, someone like him would never kill himself.”

How could a person like Yan Songnan commit suicide? A wretch like him would rather live like a pig and a dog yet would not take his own life, because he was a coward. He did not even have the courage to take a knife and snick his own finger, what more to commit suicide?

Suicide? Quit kidding around. Even if everyone in this world did it, he would be the exception.

“He really killed himself. You are his daughter, please do come and claim the body when you have time.”

The person from the detention center hung up the phone after finishing the sentence.

Yan Qingsi lifted the quilt and jumped out from the bed. She did not sleep for a night and just managed to rest for two hours. Getting out of bed so hastily made her head spin, she almost fell on the ground. After swaying for a few times, she managed to stand still.

Yan Songnan must not die. If he died, who could overturn her mother’s case? How else could she let the truth came to light?

Many years have passed since the case, all the evidence would have been completely wiped out. If there was any trail left behind, she would not have waited for so long.

That was why Yan Qingsi sowed discord between Yan Songnan and Ye Lingzhi. Only when both of them turned against each other, then they could possibly spill the beans on what each other have done in the past.

However, with the death of Yan Songnan, everything became unsubstantiated. Ye Lingzhi is now saved. She would never reveal what happened back then.

Yan Qingsi was feeling light-headed. She had to go. She had to find out how did Yan Songnan passed away.

She made two steps holding onto the wall but collapsed despite as the feeling of dizziness consumed her. Things that were right in front of her became further and further away. Her eyelids became heavier and heavier. Before she lost consciousness, she thought she caught a glimpse of Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng was watching the time anxiously. Yan Qingsi has fainted for about six hours already and there was still no sign of her waking up. He arrived back at home in the morning, expecting to spot Mrs. Yue preparing breakfast but he saw no one.

He went up the stairs and saw Yan Qingsi struggling to keep herself upright against the wall and finally fell face down to the front.

Yue Tingfeng was alarmed and bolted up the stairs to catch her. He then brought her into his room immediately.

Yue Tignfeng was panic-stricken. That was the second time he saw Yan Qingsi fainted. His heart hurt so much seeing the pale face of Yan Qingsi and the dark circles under her eyes.

Yue Tignfeng got his doctor-friend to come over for a home visit but all he was told was that she had fallen asleep.

Yue Tingfeng was dumbfounded. Fallen asleep?

How worn out could she be to have fallen asleep just like that?

What did she do to be so knackered?

Yue Tingfeng got to know from Aunt Wu that both Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue went out after lunch yesterday and did not return until six am in the morning.

Yue Tingfeng… What the h*ll? What were these two women up to? Not returning for the entire night! Unbelievable!

Yue Tignfeng really wanted to summon the two ladies and interrogate them. These two women, one old and one young, what have they been up to have stayed out for the night? Where have they been?

He asked Aunt Wu again, where did they go, but Aunt Wu shook her head, not willing to betray madam.

Yan Qingsi was fast asleep and Mrs. Yue too was still asleep. No one could answer his questions.

Yue Tingfeng waited at home for six hours until 2PM in the afternoon, Mrs. Yue woke up finally.

Once Mrs. Yue was shocked to know that Yan Qingsi fainted, she came right into the house to take a look at her.

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