Chapter 423 - Baby, Tell Sis

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Chapter 423: Baby, Tell Sis

Yan Qingsi reached out and held Yue Tingfeng’s chin. “If I had known how shameless you’d be now back then, I really wouldn’t have dared to sleep with you.”

Yue Tingfeng caught Yan Qingsi’s hand and kissed it. “If I had known that I’d become so shameless for you back then, I shouldn’t have let you sleep with me for one night.”

‘Should have… slept on instead.’

Yan Qingsi gave a low laugh. “I really miss it. Any word could make you angry then, but it seems that no matter what I say now, nothing works anymore. It’s too bad.”

Sometimes, Yan Qingsi felt defeated too. Yue Tingfeng became increasingly shameless, the word ‘rascal’ described him totally.

Yue Tingfeng sighed. “It’s all because I was too young then.”

He was aloof then because he did not understand the situation. He finally understood now.

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. She poked Yue Tingfeng. “Tell me about this Ye Shaoguang.”

Yue TIngfeng flatly refused. “No.”

Yan Qingsi asked, “Why?”

“You’re asking me about other men so obviously, why should I tell you? I’m jealous now, hurry up and coax me.” Yue TIngfeng truly did not like hearing of other men from Yan Qingsi’s mouth.

However, he also knew that Yan Qingsi did not ask this out of interest in Ye Shaoguang.

Instead, she was thinking about how to deal with Ye Shaoguang. She wanted to understand him first.

Yue Tingfeng would not tell her—Yan Qingsi could not win over Ye Shaoguang.

Sometimes, men’s means were different from a woman’s.

When men became vicious, women might not be able to triumph either.

At least Yan Qingsi would not do what Ye Shaoguang had done—she was actually a kind-hearted girl, she was forced to become ruthless by the cruel reality.

However, Ye Shaoguang was not. Yue Tingfeng had known him for years. Someone had said that Ye Shaoguang was born cold-blooded and was best suited to live in an environment like Ye family.

Yan Qingsi touched Yue Tingfen’s nose gently with her fingertip. “Done. Can you tell me now?”

Yue Tingfeng pouted. “It depends on whether you sincerely want to comfort me or you’re just stalling me off.

All of a sudden, Yan Qingsi pushed Yue Tingfeng down and pressed her body against his, kissing him and putting her hands into his pajamas.

Yue Tingfeng felt comfortable but at the same time torturing. Had he not wanted to be tortured like this all his life?

Yan Qingsi loosened her arms around Yue Tingfeng, touched his lips softly with her fingertips, and said seductively, “Baby, tell your sis, me? Hmm?”

Yue Tingfeng panted and said shamelessly, “Then sis you give me two more kisses”.


In the end, Yue Tingfeng pleasurably kissed her twice, barely satisfied.

Although he wanted to be intimate with Yan Qingsi, they were going to Yan Songnan’s funeral early tomorrow morning. He did not want to tire Yan Qingsi tonight.

Yue Tingfeng hugged Yan Qingsi and said, “Actually, Ye Shaoguang’s truly cold-blooded. He doesn’t have feelings toward anyone. The Ye family are all wolves. Ye Shaoguang was born cold-blooded. He could even watch his own sister go and die, why do you think he protects Ye Lingzhi so much?”

Yan Qingsi frowned and said, “I remember… the words that he said. He meant that I could treat Ye Lingzhi however I wanted except for wanting her dead.”

Yue Tingfeng sneered, “So you see, he doesn’t actually want to protect Ye Lingzhi. It’s more like he’s taking care of business according to the rules, or helping someone to do something.”

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