Chapter 424 - I’ll Play This Game with You

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Chapter 424: I’ll Play This Game with You

Yan Qingsi asked, “Helping others expecting some form of return, right?”

Yue Tingfeng pinched Yan Qingsi’s face. “Clever. Most people in this world wouldn’t get up early for nothing. Why would he help Ye Lingzhi without getting something out of it? I know what you’re thinking. Find his chain of profit and destroy it. I’ll take care of this, you don’t have to think about it.”

Yan Qingsi wanted to speak but Yue Tingfeng stopped her lips.

“Sleep, don’t think anymore.”

The next morning, the weather was bad. It was gloomy and drizzling.

Yue Tingfeng held an umbrella and got out of the car with Yan Qingsi. Aside from the Ye family, almost no one attended Yan Songnan’s funeral. Oh, Yan Ruke was present too.

Yan Qingsi wore a colorful floral patterned skirt. The flowers were bright and eye-catching, the colors and patterns vulgar, but when it was worn by Yan Qingsi, it was dazzling.

Yan Qingsi held Yue Tingfeng’s arm, it was as though as she was not here to attend a funeral but a banquet.

When she saw Yan Qingsi, Ye Lingzhi’s eyes were filled with fury.

Yan Mingzhu was still in an asylum, it was impossible for Ye Lingzhi to be pleasant with her.

Yan Qingsi acted like she did not see her and walked over.

Ye Lingzhi was dressed in black. She stopped Yan Qingsi with a cold face. “Get lost…”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t leave. As his daughter, can’t I come and attend my own father’s funeral?”

Ye Lingzhi was skinny. She said harshly, “Attend his funeral? Why do you look like you’re attending a banquet to me? You don’t even know the least bit about being decent.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “Of course I’m attending a banquet… My mother died prematurely so many years ago. She’s been lonely down there for a long time. She’s been waiting for you two to die every day. Now… Yan Songnan has finally died and can go find my mom to properly explain what happened back then. Of course I should be happy. My mom had been waiting alone for so many years. She finally waited until that death of Yan Songnan’s. Of course I’m happy. Don’t worry, when you die, I’ll be happier.”

Ye Lingzhi clenched her fist. She raised her head and looked toward Ye Shaoguang. His face was cold and his expression indifferent, as if he did not plan to intervene at all.

Ye Lingzhi was angry. This bastard Ye Shaoguang had never cared about her. As long as she did not die, he would not ask anything even when she was bullied by others.

Yan Qingsi stood before the gravestone. She had thought that even if she would not be happy, at the very least she would not feel any other emotions.

However upon looking at Yan Songnan’s photo, Yan Qingsi’s heart actually… felt unspeakable sorrow and grief surge up.

Yan Songnan had just died like this. He died without any warning.

This man was still her biological father!

Yan Qingsi was dressed in brightly colored clothes. Standing before the grey gravestone—the surroundings were all grey. She was the only speck of color.

Suddenly, in the patter of rain, she heard Ye Shaoguang’s voice. “My condolences, Miss Yan.”

Yan Qingsi curled the corner of her lips. “Mr. Ye, everything in this world has causes and effects. Haven’t you heard of retribution?”

Ye Shaoguang’s lips were bright red, charming at the same time heartless.

He seemed not to understand Yan Qingsi’s words. Instead, he said, “I’ve only heard of this world being the strong’s game.”

Yue Tingfeng stood behind Yan Qingsi silently, his posture almost holding up the sky for Yan Qingsi. “I’ll play this game with you! Life or death, I’ll play to the end.”

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