Chapter 453 - The Biggest Shame In History

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Chapter 453: The Biggest Shame In History

The Biggest Shame In History

Mrs. Yue said without hesitation, “Qingsi is my son’s girlfriend, of course. Did I not tell you?”

You Xi fumed internally… F*ck! %#¥@* A string of expletives sounded in his head.

At this point, You Xi understood that he had been overzealous in trying to please them. His effort was utterly wasted.

He acted like a prince for the whole time in front of his enemy’s mother!

You Xi grimaced. It was no wonder that Yan Qingsi had on a sly smile throughout the whole journey. They must be calling him all sorts of names in their hearts.

He lost his appetite to continue eating. The food that he ate felt like… it all felt like pig feed.

All the years he spent in the dating pool, success was the only result. This time however, he had been thoroughly deceived. This was the biggest shame in history.

He even unknowingly bragged to Ye Shaoguang about the whole situation. Now, the guy must be making jokes about him.

Mrs. Yue acted as if she did not notice the flurry of expressions shifting across You Xi’s face. She leaned toward Yan Qingsi and said, “Xiao You is such a good child. I should tell my Tingfeng to learn from you. That boy is nowhere as good as you.”

The more Mrs. Yue said, the redder You Xi’s face got. He had a flashback to when he was a child, the pain and shame was akin to the time his grandfather beat him with a slipper.

The delicious and appetizing dishes displayed on the table was a mockery of You Xi, adding salt to his wound.

You Xi felt like there were needles on the chair and he could not sit still.

This old lady was a cunning and wicked hag—a smile on her face as she ate her prey whole. He was struggling to restrain himself and not slap her in the face.

In his whole life, he had never been so utterly fooled and taken advantage of.

You Xi shifted in his seat, he wanted to laugh but he could not. “You two… Enjoy the meal! I suddenly remembered I have something on, so I’ll take my leave.”

Mrs. Yue turned to him. “Eh? You’re not eating anymore?”

You Xi gritted his teeth. ‘How the f*ck am I supposed to continue eating? Does this old woman want to keep me here as a joke?’

If it were not for them being women, You Xi would have flipped the whole table over.

Yan Qingsi opened her mouth and said, “Mr. You, would you please pay for the meal before you leave?”

You Xi… The grinding sounds of his teeth could be heard. He was a damn joke.

His nostrils flared as he called for the waitress to prepare the bill. However, Mrs. Yue turned to the waitress and said, “Young lady, can you get your boss over?”

The waitress replied, “My apologies, ma’am, but our boss is not here.”

Mrs. Yue waved her hand and said, “Oh, don’t give me that. Go fetch him and tell him Su Ningmei is here.”

Yan Qingsi and You Xi watched curiously as the scene unfolded.

Yan Qingsi said softly, “Auntie, you…”

Mrs. Yue tapped Yan Qingsi’s hand to reassure her. She said to the waitress, “Go on. Repeat what I said to your boss, that’s all I ask.”

The waitress hesitated, then she turned around and left.

With a smile on her lips, Mrs. Yue said, “What kind of elder would I be if I let a child treat me? Let’s wait for a while.”

Originally, You Xi wanted to leave but now he was curious. He wanted to see what Yue Tingfeng’s mother was up to.

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