Chapter 454 - Face Smacked By Yue Mama

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Chapter 454: Face Smacked By Yue Mama

Within five minutes, the door to the private room opened and a slender, young man walked in. He had features that were lovable by all, pink lips and fair skin. When he saw Mrs. Yue, shock registered on his face. “Auntie, why are you here?”

Yan Qingsi and You Xi stared at Mrs. Yue in surprise. Auntie?

Mrs. Yue gestured for the young man to come closer. “Xiaoliu, it’s you who’s in charge here? I thought it was Xiaosi who was here.”

The young man Mrs. Yue addressed hurried over to them. “Oh Auntie, it is you! I wondered who was trying to prank me, telling me that you’re here. Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming to Hai City? If Dad knew that you were coming and I didn’t personally pick you up, he would smack me with a broom.”

You Xi… F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

He was bragging about how hard it was to get a reservation here and how skilled the chefs were and turns out… The place was run by Mrs. Yue’s nephew.

You Xi regretted not leaving earlier. The first reveal of Mrs. Yue’s identity was already a slap in his face, now this, his pride would not survive it.

Mrs. Yue pinched Xiaoliu’s cheek and said, “I’m here to see my future daughter-in-law. Did not plan to have a meal here. When I entered the door and saw the lantern with the Su name, I knew that it was a family business. How did you end up opening a restaurant here?”

Su Xiaoliu’s shoulders dipped and he sighed. “Ah, brother first opened up this restaurant impulsively and now he doesn’t care about it anymore, so here I am. A fine young man like me, stuck here being a restaurant boss, don’t you think it’s a waste?”

“Why don’t you go into the company?”

Su Xiaoliu replied, “I’d rather rot in this restaurant… Hey, I almost forgot, where’s that daughter-in-law that you mentioned? My cousin brother has a girlfriend? Shocking.”

The woman standing aside in the corner was dragged to the front. Mrs. Yue introduced her like revealing a prized jewel. “Come, come, meet… ah, just call her sister for now. Our Qingsi is shy so don’t spook her.”

Su Xiaoliu saw the woman and his eyes went wide. Every young person scrolled through Weibo, and he was not an exception. Naturally he knew who Yan Qingsi was. “This… This is that Yan Qingsi, right?”

Yan Qingsi smiled and said, “Yes, I am that pretty face who’s name is being smeared all over the internet.”

Su Xiaoliu quickly said, “Nice to meet you, sister. You’re very pretty. My name is Su Xiao, derived from the word arrogant. I’m the sixth child in the family so people call be Xiaoliu. You can call me Xiaoliu too.”

Yan Qingsi nodded and smiled. “Nice to meet you…”

Mrs. Yue nudged Su Xiaoliu and point to You Xi. “Today, this man, Xiao You wanted to treat me and Sister Qingsi to a meal. He is a good man and I quite like him. This meal, although he has said he wanted to pay for it, as an elder, I just couldn’t let him.”

Su Xiaoliu immediately understood. “Auntie, don’t worry. I understand. Of course, it will be on the house. You don’t have to pay to eat in your own house, right?”

You Xi’s jaw clenched. “If so, then I don’t want to intrude any longer. I’ll leave first.”

You Xi figured that he should save his pride from further damage.

This family seemed to be professionals in slapping down egos. He could feel his pride smarting already.

The You family was established and privileged in Hai City so You Xi had grown up sheltered and pampered. Never was he embarrassed to this degree in his life.

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