Chapter 456 - Son, Mother Helped You Kill off a Love Rival

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Chapter 456: Son, Mother Helped You Kill off a Love Rival

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You Xi’s head was clouded with anger. He swore that he would get his revenge.

Else, how would he live down the shame?

He was tricked in his own city. If word got out, the You family reputation would be stained.

Ye Shaoguang chided. “You Xi… Calm down. Yan Qingsi is not like the other girls that you’ve had. This woman is much more than you’ve ever seen.”

You Xi huffed. “Once I get her in bed, I will know how skilled she is. Someone who can make Yue Tingfeng fall head over heels. Even Yue Tingfeng’s mother treats her like her own daughter.”

“You Xi…”

“Wait till I have her, then I’ll tell you how good she is.”

You Xi tore away the Bluetooth headset in fury. He raced down the roads of Hai City, heading toward the area that was known for illegal racing.

Ye Shaoguang frowned at his phone. He shook his head, he tried his best to persuade You Xi. If anything were to happen, he was not to blame.

The clock struck eleven at night. Su Xiaoliu fetched Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue back to their hotel. He was incredibly respectful toward his aunt. From his manner of speaking, Yan Qingsi could tell that despite having married into the Yue family for so many years, she was still a respected figure in the Su family.

Mrs. Yue was the Su family’s only daughter. Her three brothers and parents all doted on her and she grew up to be an innocent lady without a care in the world.

Yan Qingsi admired Mrs. Yue’s life for she was able to hold onto her worldview to this day.

Mrs. Yue pulled out a facial mask for Yan Qingsi. She stroke Yan Qingsi’s face and said, “Look at your gaunt face, the skin is peeling from the sun. Luckily I’m here, or else you would have become so thin. I’ll get Xiaoliu to send food over every day. Can’t let you starve here.”

Yan Qingsi’s heart warmed a little. She leaned into Mrs. Yue’s shoulder. “Auntie, I’m glad you’re here.”

“Of course. I know that when you’re alone, you don’t have regular meals. Plus, you don’t know when to rest when there’s work, so here I am, supervising you.”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes blurred a little. She linked her arm with Mrs. Yue and said, “Then stay here for a few more days.”

“Sure. I’ll take care of you. I’ll be bored to death at home anyways.”

“Tomorrow I only have half a day of shooting. I’ll take you around and we can go shopping.”

Mrs. Yue’s head nodded in agreement. “Yes, yes. It’s been some time since I last went on a shopping spree.”

Mrs. Yue was actually a shopaholic but she had been avoiding shopping with the usual friends. They liked to take advantage of her and even mocked her at times.

She did not mind last time but now that she was preparing for her son’s marriage, she had to be mindful of the family coffers. Money would be needed for her grandchildren. Qingsi was a celebrity and her expenses were not low. She would not skimp on clothes and accessories, hence the Yue family money was no longer open to outsiders.

Mrs. Yue felt that shopping with Yan Qingsi would be much more comfortable.

While speaking, Yan Qingsi had fallen asleep on Mrs. Yue’s shoulder.

Mrs. Yue quickly snapped a photo and sent it to her son.

The two mask-wearing women sitting side by side looked like a pair of mother and daughter.

Mrs. Yue followed up with a message. [Son, rest assured. We’re getting along well. Just killed off one of your potential rivals. I came at just the right time. You work hard ya, earn more money. Cause we’re going shopping tomorrow.]


Rich Man Yue: My mom is hugging my wife to sleep. Who do I hug tonight?

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