Chapter 458 - This Man Was Yue Tingfeng’s Father?

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Chapter 458: This Man Was Yue Tingfeng’s Father?

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After the scene ended, Mrs. Yue quickly told Ji Mianmian to pour a cup of herbal tea for Yan Qingsi. The tea was specially brewed by the Su family private restaurant.

Ji Mianmian suddenly exclaimed, “Oh! It’s the Movie King Qin!”

Mrs. Yue’s expression darkened and her eyes shot to the indicated direction.

It was Qin Jingzhi. He was in the middle of a discussion with Song Qingyan.

Ji Mianmian pulled out her phone and took a few photos. “My god, the world’s hottest boy-boy couple! Oh the scene is too perfect!”

Yan Qingsi was curious. “What do mean by that?” Ji Mianmian immediately explained, “There are a lot of fangirls online who ship the two of them—Qin-Song couple, love in the palace. Both are good-looking and have great acting skills.”

Yan Qingsi thought of Mrs. Yue’s statement about Qin Jingzhi being gay. She tried to dig a little more. “So… Is it true about the two of them?”

Ji Mianmian shook her head. “This… No one knows. Maybe?”

Mrs. Yue shot a look at Yan Qingsi, her eyes seemed to be saying, ‘Look! It’s real!’

Mrs. Yue pulled Yan Qingsi aside and whispered into her ear, “No wonder he couldn’t find a girlfriend for so many years. Turns out he wasn’t lacking a boyfriend.”

Yan Qingsi only nodded.

Qin Jingzhi had wanted to speak with Yan Qingsi.

However, the sight of Mrs. Yue made him walk away without even a greeting.

Mrs. Yue made an innocent face and said, “Why did he turn away when he saw me? This kid, really.”

In the afternoon, Yan Qingsi was no longer needed on the set. She brought Mrs. Yue, Ji Mianmian, and Xiao Xu to the mall.

They shopped for the whole afternoon. It was this time that Yan Qingsi truly witnessed the frivolousness of Mrs. Yue when it came to shopping.

When they entered the Chanel official store, Yan Qingsi glanced at one of the diamond-patterned purses.

Without hesitation, Mrs. Yue waved for the salesperson to check out both colors of that model.

Since then, Yan Qingsi avoided looking at any of the items.

After an afternoon of shopping, their hands were full of bags. Yan Qingsi told Xiao Xu to send all their spoils back to the hotel while she brought Mrs. Yue and Ji Mianmian to a western restaurant.

Midway through their meal, Yan Qingsi had to use the restroom. As she walked past table number nine on her way back, a fork clattered onto the floor.

“Miss, could you help me get that?”

Yan Qingsi turned over and saw a middle-aged couple, likely husband and wife. They were dressed well and did not look like they were of working class.

The man was familiar to Yan Qingsi. She decided it was nothing out of the way so she bent down and picked up the fork.

The man continued. “Please wipe it clean for me.”

This was no longer a convenient request. It sounded more like an order. Yan Qingsi frowned.

“Sir, I’m not the service crew.”

The middle-aged man let out a disgruntled sound. “This is how youngsters in the country are? No patience, manners, and respect. No wonder foreigners often say our people have no quality.”

Yan Qingsi’s voice turned cold. “You’re neither my parents nor my elders. Don’t take my politeness and your age for granted. Also, if the grass is greener in foreign lands, why come back in the first place?”

“Such a sharp tongue. Although I’m rarely in the country, news about Miss Yan has traveled far and wide. I did not want to believe the rumors online but I can see now, there’s a grain of truth in every rumor. One can only hope so much for a person who has to crawl up the ranks through immoral ways. What did Tingfeng even see in a girl like you? Someone who only knows how to be a mistress,” the middle-aged man spoke with disdain.

A sudden realization made Yan Qingsi’s heart drop. The familiarity she felt stemmed from his appearance which was similar to that of Yue Tingfeng. This man was Yue Tingfeng’s father?

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