Chapter 460 - Happy Cheating To You Both

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Chapter 460: Happy Cheating To You Both

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Ding Fu was not mad, instead, she only frowned and said, “Was Miss Yan’s upbringing really that lacking? A girl, regardless of where you were born, should never act like this.”

On the other hand, Yue Pengcheng’s expression had changed for the worse. “Hold your tongue. Who do you think you are, saying such things to her?”

Yan Qingsi retorted, “Mr. Yue, I find it funny that you were criticizing me when this lady is by your side. You have no right to admonish me for my actions.”

Then, she turned to Ding Fu. “Auntie, allow me to remind you, although I am a person of low morals and yes, I have stolen a boyfriend or two, but I have never broken up a marriage or been a mistress for decades.”

Yan Qingsi never held herself in high regards. In the eyes of the public, she was a poacher for men who were in relationships.

Her tactics were also not the kindest.

However, there was one line she never crossed and it was men who had made marriage vows.

Yan Qingsi saw Yue Pengcheng attempt to speak and quickly cut in. “Also… If you had any sense, you wouldn’t have picked a fight with me. You say that I have no manners, that’s because I believe manners are only appreciated by people who actually have them. Both of you are just pots calling the kettle black, you’re not worth a show of manners.”

This whole exchange was truly shocking for Yue Pengcheng. He did not expect Yan Qingsi to be as cutthroat and antagonistic as she was now.

She cared not for his status as Yue Tingfeng’s father—her eyes shone with open defiance.

This only made Yue Pengcheng angrier. “You f*cking b*tch…”

Ding Fu tapped Yue Pengcheng’s hand lightly to calm him down.

She turned to Yan Qingsi and said, “Miss Yan has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue.”

Yan Qingsi bit back. “Thanks for the compliment, auntie, I am aware.”

Yan Qingsi glanced at the shallow-minded old man. His wealth and privileges had made him blind to the world.

“I called you Mr. Yue as a courtesy to Yue Tingfeng and Mrs. Yue. If I called you cheater, you can only take it as it is.”

“Also, you are not my elders so don’t try to pull that shitck on me. If you really want to be my elders, wait till I’m actually married to Yue Tingfeng, then you can pull rank on me. Before then, sorry, I refuse to acknowledge you ’cause you’re not worthy.”

“I have nothing much to say to the both of you. If you came here to see me, I’m sure you’ve already seen enough to have a taste of disappointment. If you’re back for a vacation, our country welcomes you. After all, it’s a boost to the local tourism and the country’s GDP. However, if you’re back to stay or stir things up, I advise you to get lost soon. That’s all, happy cheating to you both.”

Yan Qingsi had always been true to herself. If she did not like someone, she would not show an inch of respect for them, even if it was Yue Tingfeng’s biological father.

Moreover, Yue Pengcheng reminded her of Yan Songnan. It was a wonder that she did not go up and slap Yue Pengcheng in the face.

Yue Pengcheng probably intentionally dropped the fork to trouble her. He evidently knew who she was. She could not help but suspect that they were back to make her life miserable.

As she walked, she felt an uneasiness creep into her heart. She thought of the kind-hearted Mrs. Yue who was the most lovable person she had ever met. The woman had been mistreated by that human trash and bullied by his whore for so many years.

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