Chapter 461 - Senior Adulteress, I Toast You.

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Chapter 461: Chapter 461: Senior Adulteress, I Toast You.

Yan Qingsi was angry and hurt, she thought of her mother, her and Mrs. Yue were alike, they were both women who were exploited by trashy men.

They were both innocent.

Yan Qingsi stopped, this won’t do, she couldn’t let them off that easily, she narrowed her eyes, turned and walked back.

Ding Fu was comforting Yue Pengcheng, the both of them weren’t expecting Yan Qingsi to return, they looked at her in surprise and displeasure.

Yan Qingsi smiled politely at them, “Welcome back, you two, this is our first meeting, allow me to give you a small gift.”

Ding Feng furrowed her brows, she felt that Yan Qingsi was not good news.

Coincidentally, a waiter walked past with two trays of wine, Yan Qingsi stopped him, took two glasses, and combined them into one.

Yan Qingsi made to pass the glass to Ding Fu, speaking earnestly, “we’re both mistresses, and among mistresses you’re a jet fighter, my senior, let me toast you, and if I could trouble you to tell me how to seduce a man for more than a decade, you could teach me a thing or two.”

Ding Fu spoke coldly, “Ms Yan, have some self respect…”

Yan Qingsi spoke condescendingly, “self respect? When you put on the underpants that you threw out, and say that again, your own ass isn’t covered, and you have the gall to say that.”

Yue Pengcheng was so furious his face was turning green, “f*ck off, you.”

He reached out to push Yan Qingsi away, but she dodged, her wrist turned, and splashed the entire glass of wine on Ding Fu’s face.

Yan Qingsi put the glass down heavily, saying, “don’t thank me, seeing that you’re so shameless, I had to wash your face for you.”

A flash of rage passed over Ding Fu’s face, “you… I’ll let it go on account that you’re young and don’t know better, but I didn’t think you’d not know your limits, or any form of courtesy, Su Ningmei chooses daughter-in-laws like this…”

Yan Qingsi originally was going to turn and leave, but upon hearing that, she smiled coldly and gave Ding Fu a backhand slap across the face.

She used the back of her hand, and the force was quite substantial, like a whip it went across the face, hitting Ding Fu directly, making her see stars, she swayed twice, then collapsed on the chair.

Yue Pengcheng exclaimed in alarm, “Xiao Fu…”

Yan Qingsi slowly retracted her hand, “since you’ve become a mistress, don’t look at yourself as a human. You’re not worthy to even say my mother-in-law Mrs. Yue’s name.”

“This time I only splashed a bit of wine on your face, next time… be careful, because I will splash sulfuric acid on your face, and we’ll see if you’re still able to act as though you’re so refined. You’ve done some research on me by now, I’m sure, then you should know who I am, and what I’m capable of.”

Yue Pengcheng originally intended to assert his authority to Yan Qingsi, to see what kind of person she was, he could not believe that having lived for more than half of his lifetime, and gone through such storms and gales in his life, would be unable to intimidate a little hussy.

It was even more unthinkable that, she was basically… a complete vagabond, with no upbringing to speak of.

She knew that he was Yue Tingfeng’s biological father, and didn’t show him any respect, her actions and words were like that of a knife, and the kind that was coated in poison.

He raised his hand to strike her, but she turned and dodged.

“I want to see, I cannot accept this, how did you even get into the Yue Family, a woman like you, entering into the door of my family, it just soils the doorstep.”

Yan Qingsi spoke condescendingly, “I’m giving you a lot of face based on the fact that Yue Tingfeng calls you dad, Mr Yue, as it’s said, you know your own worth, you say I’m dirty, in your son’s heart, I think, you may as well be dead.”

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