Chapter 462 - I Genuinely Cannot Stand Looking At Trash Like You.

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Chapter 462: I Genuinely Cannot Stand Looking At Trash Like You.


Yan Qingsi didn’t wait for him to finish, she reached out and flipped the table over, the plates and glasses falling all over the floor.

“I apologize, please forgive me for not being able to look at you two dogs eat so happily, I’ll give you a piece of advice, don’t get on my bad side. Get lost now, and don’t think it’s because I like your family, I just can not stand looking at trash like you.”

Yan Qingsi did not want to let Mrs Yue see Yue Pengcheng, she did not want Mrs Yue to be sad.

Yan Qingsi could not be bothered to deal with them anymore, and left quickly, in case Mrs Yue came looking after Yan Qingsi because she hadn’t come back yet.

Ding Fu sat, looking lonely, as she pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped her face.

She didn’t cry, she didn’t kick up a fit, her eyes looked a little lonely and forlorn, and her face seemed haggard.

Her shoulders were deflated and thin, and there was an air of fragility about her that touched the deepest parts of people’s hearts.

She spoke, her tone neutral, “Pengcheng, let’s just go back. We shouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

The more Ding Fu was like this, neither crying nor screaming, not struggling, the more it made Yue Pengcheng’s heart ache. He felt as though he had embarrassed her, and he needed to make it up to her.

Yue Pengcheng held Ding Fu’s shoulders, “I’ve let you down, and have let you down for 30 years, we’re both old, and I still let you suffer this kind of humiliation. Don’t worry, since we’re back, I’ll do what should have been done all those years ago, and give you a proper status.”

Ding Fu shook her head, “there’s no need, after all these years I’m also used to being misunderstood, she has been married to you for so long, and even gave you a son. By either reason or emotion, you cannot leave her.”

Ding Fu smiled, “as for us, let’s do it this way, we’re both getting on in years, we don’t have too many years left to suffer, I just want to live peacefully, there’s no need to suffer over titles and positions.”

Yue Pengcheng’s eyes were slightly red, “Xiao Fu, you’re really too kind, you just don’t assert yourself over anything, but I cannot let you be short changed any longer, I’ve already done so for thirty years, and how many thirty years does a man have? I want to give to you what was always yours.”

Ding Fu looked at the mess on the floor, and spoke forlornly, “Pengcheng, there’s no need for you to do that, I’ve never blamed you.”

“However, I’ll blame myself, you don’t need to say anymore, even if it’s not for us, it should be for the sake of the two children, even though they aren’t our biological children, but we’ve brought them up since they were young, and are closer than biological children, the both of them are so responsible, we must leave something for them.”

Ding Fu sighed softly, “ah… you’re always like this, you never listen to what I say, but, if you’re determined to do that, I’ll stand by you as always.”

Yue Pengcheng was moved as he spoke, “I know, in this world, besides you, no one else has treated me better.”

“That Yan Qingsi may be arrogant, but she’s just a minor character, without any power or influence, and she dares to act this way, she’s just cannon fodder looking to die, you don’t need to be upset, I’ll take care of her soon enough.”

Ding Fu shook her head, “let it be, a young woman, what does she know… if it isn’t someone who knows the truth, they’d all act like her, in fact, the way she acted, at least she has a sense of justice, she simply misunderstood.”

Yue Pengcheng furrowed his brows, “it must have been Su Ningmei who fed her lies, I know you’re kind hearted, but you need to be able to differentiate people, this woman Yan Qingsi, she’s not worth it, even if it’s not for your sake that I’m angry, it’s for Tingfeng, I also cannot let her have her way anymore, the Yue Family cannot allow a woman like that into our house.”

“You… ah… whatever you say then…”

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