Chapter 464 - You Hit Well, You Insulted Well, You Crushed Them Well!

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Chapter 464: You Hit Well, You Insulted Well, You Crushed Them Well!

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Yue Tingfeng stopped walking, “what did he say to you?”

He did not think that Yue Pengcheng would move so quickly, he had just landed in Rong City, and in a few hours he was already in Hai Tian City, was he playing guerilla?

Yue Tingfeng laughed coldly, and glanced at his watch.

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips, “what do you think he could say? It was along the lines of the kind of woman I am, whatever, I can’t be bothered to keep talking about it, you should quickly make a few calls and get Aunty Yue home, they narrowly missed each other today.”

Yue Tingfeng’s heart ached for Yan Qingsi. He knew that his father must have said a lot of nasty things, but Yan Qingsi at that moment was still thinking of preventing his mother from seeing Yue Pengcheng, she had done her best to protect his mother.

Yue Tingfeng spoke gently, “Qingsi, thank you, I’ll be there soon.”

Yan Qingsi leaned her head against the hard wall, “you don’t need to thank me, just think of a way to protect your mum, your dad, he’s not an honest man.”

“Oh, I have one more thing to tell you… I told off your dad today, and that woman that was next to him, I splashed water on her face, and gave her a slap. I also flipped their dining table, so don’t give me sh*t for that.”

When Yan Qingsi finished, Yue Tingfeng spoke happily, “Qingsi, my mum was right, you are the lucky charm of the family, I could love you to death, you hit well, you insulted well, you crushed them well!”

Yan Qingsi arched her brows, “you’re not mad?”

Yue Tingfeng spoke excitedly, “I have to reward you, what do you want?”

Yan Qingsi smiled, “we can… keep it on a tab, when I remember it again at a later date we can talk about it… it sounds very noisy on your side, where are you?”

Yue Tingfeng spoke to Yan Qingsi, “Qingsi, I’ll be right there, under no circumstances can you let my mom see him, about their history, I’ll tell you when I’m there.”

Yan Qingsi nodded, “you don’t have to tell me, I know.”

“Baby, wait for me.”

Yan Qingsi had not yet replied, when she heard monotone beeping from the other side. She smiled as she held her phone.

Yan Qingsi kept her phone in her hand as she turned to return to the room, she saw Qin Jingzhi, he had just walked out from Song Qingyan’s room, and they bumped into each other. He smiled first, “how are you recently, I heard from Qingyan that your acting skills aren’t bad, and you are in the running for the best rookie award.”

“Thank you for your kind words, I’ll be going back to rest now.” Yan Qingsi turned slightly and walked past Qin Jingzhi.

“You… seem like you’ve changed.”

Yan Qingsi stopped, “really? Changed how?”

“The killing air around you isn’t as strong.”

Yan Qingsi paused, smiled, and turned back to her room.

Mrs Yue was fast asleep, Yan Qingsi sat down, lowered her head and looked at her.

Although Yue Tingfeng liked to call Mrs Yue an old lady, she didn’t actually look old, it’s been said the heart grows on the face, Mrs Yue was like that, her eyes were still spritely, and didn’t grow dull with age.

The skin of her face was still pale and firm, and while she had faint crow’s feet, but no one would call her old.

Yan Qingsi lifted her head and pulled the blanket over Mrs Yue, “I will protect you well.”

At the same time, Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu arrived at the lobby of the hotel.

After they checked in, Ding Fu stopped before she entered the elevator, “we shouldn’t be staying here, if… we were seen by Su Ningmei, I… forget it, let’s stay somewhere else.”

She turned after she finished speaking, but Yue Pengcheng held her back, “you’re just too kind, you keep thinking about others, we’ll just stay here, I want her to know, the position she’s been occupying for thirty years, should be relinquished.”

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