Chapter 465 - My Greatest Fortune Is Meeting You

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Chapter 465: My Greatest Fortune Is Meeting You

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Ding Fu sighed and shook her head. “Pengcheng, there’s no need for you to be this stubborn, I’m used to it, I can be insulted, and humiliated, I’m used to all of it, truthfully. Our life overseas was good, I have you, I have the two children, I’m already very happy. You’ve given me a lot already, really, I don’t want to give you any more grief.”

Ding Fu’s helplessness, her perseverance, and her forgiving nature, made Yue Pencheng feel like he owed her so much.

She had sacrificed so much for him, but he could not give her the best.

Thirty years’ time, a woman’s best years, she had given it all to him.

She never blamed him, was never bitter, thirty years were like a day, and she gave him all of her warmth and love.

At all times only thinking for him, and never for herself.

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Yue Pencheng grabbed Ding Fu’s hand, saying, “The greatest fortune that I, Yue Pengcheng could ever have, was to meet you. Don’t worry, I will not feel troubled, and no one else will make you look bad. Yan Qingsi… that was an accident.”

Yan Qingsi truly was an accident, because he never expected that on their first meeting, Yan Qingsi would dare to kick off like that.

Yue Pengcheng originally thought that Yan Qingsi was a typical woman, a star who just wanted to marry into a rich family, and if she knew that he was Yue Tingfeng’s father, she would kiss up to him.

Yue Pengcheng’s original intentions were to first handle Yan Qingsi, to let her kiss up to him, and then he can suitably give her a few graceful words, and let her feel that as long as she kept currying favor with the man of the house, then she could marry into the Yue Family, then he could use Yan Qingsi to do some things.

At the very least she could whisper into his son’s ear in bed, and let Tingfeng avoid troubling him and Ding Fu.

But he had not in his wildest dreams, thought that Yan Qingsi would not be reasonable at the moment she opened her mouth, like a shrew.

She didn’t even leave them a shred of dignity, as though to her, what was the Yue Family.

After Yan Qingsi flipped the table yesterday, the people in the nearby tables were pointing fingers at them, Yue Pengcheng could not bear it any longer, and quickly brought Ding Fu with him.

That insult yesterday did not sit well in Yue Pengcheng’s heart, and did not recede well.

His motives in returning were crystal clear, he must divorce Su Ningmei, and be engaged openly with Ding Fu, and let the world know, Ding Fu was the matriarch of the Yue Family.

Therefore, Yue Pengcheng’s trip to Tian Hai City, was not to have a go at Yan Qingsi, his aim was Mrs Yue.

Yue Pengcheng specifically chose the same hotel that Mrs Yue was staying in, he wanted to make sure that before Yue Tingfeng arrived, he’d seize the moment, the moment that he saw Su Ningmei, no matter what, he would make her sign the divorce papers.

Ding Fu’s face was full of helplessness, “Pengcheng, I really don’t feel bad, I’m not about to quarrel with a child, I’m just… exhausted…”

“I know, I know, relax, this will all be over very soon. It’s late, let’s go rest first, the children will be here tonight as well, they can make their own way here, and tomorrow, we can see them.”

Yue Pengcheng held Ding Fu’s hand and led her into the elevator.

Yan Qingsi was up at 4 in the morning, she needed to shoot a predawn scene in the rain. She was worried she’d wake up Mrs Yue, so after she cleaned up, she went out the door swiftly.

Before she left, she still covered Mrs Yue with the blanket.

Mrs Yue slept like a little child at times, she loved to kick the blanket, Yan Qingsi had woken up a few times in the night to cover her with the blanket once more.

She turned up the temperature in the room slightly, then slowly left.

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