Chapter 466 - Hearing Those Names, Her Heart Filled with Disgust

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Chapter 466: Hearing Those Names, Her Heart Filled with Disgust

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It was a little cloudy that day, so that morning was cooler than the day before. A few water tankers were spraying out water at the same time. The director yelled ‘action’. Yan Qingsi and Song Qingyan took their place at both sides of the tram track and recited their lines accordingly.

In The Scent of Her, this was the scene where the male and female leads were most desperate and hopeless. Yan Qingsi had to slap Song Qingyan.

Unexpectedly, when the camera rolled, Song Qingyan let Yan Qingsi slap him with all her might in order to make the scene more realistic. If a clip from either camera was blurry, they would have to do it again.

Yan Qingsi was staggered — it was the first time she truly knew the actor whom she had worked with for so many days.

She had always thought of him as a snobbish actor who only cared about his career; she thought that he viewed everyone with contempt.

However, after today’s incident, Yan Qingsi realized that anyone with a glamorous present had put in countless hours of hard work in the past. Seeing Song Qingyan’s serious attitude, she knew that he deserved every bit of fame and success he had.

The two actors were very committed. Under the gentle drizzle, the actors portrayed the heart-wrenching hopelessness of the situation and the indescribable despair of the characters incisively.

Xiao Xu and Ji Mianmian rushed over with towels and coats.

When Yan Qingshi saw that Song Qingyan’s face was swollen red, she hurriedly went up to him and apologized with a ninety-degree bow. “I’m sorry.”

Song Qingyan felt his face with his hand and chuckled. “It’s not your fault — I asked for this. Nonetheless, you really used quite some force.”

Ji Mianmian pouted. She thought, ‘My goddess was already very gentle with you!’

If it were Ji Mianmian, she would have slapped him so hard that his skull would fracture.

When Yan Qingsi was done with her shooting, it was already eight o’clock. She was worried about Mrs. Yue, so she packed up quickly and left.

When Mrs. Yue woke up to find that Yan Qingsi was not home, she knew that she had gone for a shooting. She looked at the time — the breakfast that Su Xiaoliu had her employee send over should be here by now. Thus, she went downstairs to take the food and bring it to Yan Qingsi.

Just as she went down and grabbed the lunchbox, a figure bolted at her and pounced onto her, enclosing her into a tight hug.

“Aunt Mei, I’m so glad to see you…”

Mrs. Yue furrowed her brows. She glared at the young girl in front of her eyes. “What aunt? Don’t simply run up to strangers like this. Move, you’re blocking my way.”

The girl had bold and defined eyebrows, her skin had a healthy tan and her body was sexily curvy. She had a genial smile on her face, making her seem especially cheerful and animated.

“Ah, sorry auntie. You may not know me, but I know you. It’s my fault for not introducing myself. My name is Ding Mulian. Yue Pengcheng is my daddy while Ding Fu is my mommy. They always talk about you.”

Mrs. Yue’s expression darkened instantly. Ding Mulian’s words were sounded like an explosion beside her ears. Those were the names she despised the most. Hearing those names, her heart filled with disgust.

Mrs. Yue growled, “Get lost!”

Ding Mulian was hurt. She whimpered, “Auntie, why are you doing this? I came to greet you so affably, so why are you telling me to get lost? As an elder, shouldn’t you be a little more amiable with us little ones?”

Mrs. Yue reached for the vase that was placed on the hotel’s reception desk and hurled it toward Ding Mulian. “I said get lost!”

Ding Mulian dodged the vase. She felt terribly wronged. “It’s fine if you don’t like me, Aunt Mie, but my daddy and mommy came all the way here just to see you. You won’t turn them away, right?”

Ding Mulian waved at someone behind Mrs. Yue. “Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Mei is here. Didn’t you two want to see her?”

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