Chapter 468 - A Scumbag and a Crone Are a Perfect Match for Each Othe

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Chapter 468: A Scumbag and a Crone Are a Perfect Match for Each Other

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Ding Mulian puffed up her cheeks in rage. “But mommy, it’s clearly not my fault. I greeted Aunt Mie so enthusiastically, yet not only did she ignore me, she even told me to get lost. This isn’t fair. Didn’t you teach me to never apologize if I didn’t do anything wrong? It’s not my fault! I’m not apologizing.”

Yue Pengcheng glared at Mrs. Yue furiously. “Su Ningmei, you better apologize to Mulian this instant. As an elder, you should act like one. Don’t be unreasonable. No wonder you idolize women like Yan Qingsi so much — you’re both the same kind of trash—”

Before he could finish, Ding Mulian let out a blood-curdling shriek. Everyone turned to her and saw Yan Qingsi holding a mop up high — she could not lower it in time.

Ding Mulian turned around, her back aching. Seeing Yan Qingsi behind her, she yelled, “#%@! What was that for?”

Yan Qingsi snickered. “What was that for? Haha… I just wanted to f*cking kill you with this mop!”

Yan Qingsi struck Ding Mulian with the mop.

Yan Qingsi was going crazy with rage. She hurried back from the set just to check on Mrs. Yue — who knew, the moment she entered the hotel, she saw people pointing and shouting. She waded through the crowd to see Mrs. Yue being ganged up on by Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu. Moreover, there was even a young lady clutching onto her wrist.

Yan Qingsi saw Mrs. Yue trembling. She could not utter a word. She appeared terribly helpless — she had no way to resist; she had no way to protest. She had been bullied so badly that she became too weak to fight back.

A flame of rage ignited in Yan Qingsi’s heart. It had been a long time since she last became so enraged. Seeing Mrs. Yue being bullied like that, she was reminded of her mother — a person with such a kind soul was being pushed to the edge of despair.

Just as Yan Qingsi was rushing over, she saw a janitor cleaning the lobby. She snatched the mop from her hands and bolted toward them. With all her strength, she swung the mop toward Ding Mulian.

Ding Mulian clutched her stomach in pain. She whimpered, wishing to scream at Yan Qingsi. Just then, Ji Mianmian picked her up like a bean bag and flung her onto the ground.

Bam! Ding Mulian struggled on the floor. She could not get up.

Yan Qingsi marched toward Mrs. Yue while dragging the mop with her. She took Mrs. Yue’s hand and glared at Yue Pengcheng coldly.

“Mr. Yue, you are absolutely right. Birds of a feather most certainly flock together. You, a scumbag, and Ding Fu, a crone, are a perfect match for each other. What was that phrase again? A bitch and a dog can live happily ever after. I’ve never understood what the phrase meant until I’ve met you two; now, it makes perfect sense.”

Yan Qingsi’s simple words insulted Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu so much that their faces glowed red.

Ding Fu furrowed her brows. She kept silent. Yue Pengcheng’s face twisted with rage. “Yang Qingsi, yesterday, I didn’t want to fight with you because I thought you’re still young. I saved you some humiliation. However, don’t you dare cross the line. Who do you think you are to stick your hands into our family matters?”

Mrs. Yue grasped onto Yan Qingsi’s hand tightly — she was the only one who could save her. Yan Qingsi brought a glimmer of hope into her helpless situation. She wanted to call out her name, yet her words were stuck in her throat.

Yan Qingsi patted Mrs. Yue’s hand. “Auntie Yue, I’m here.”

Those simple words helped Mrs. Yue calm down slowly.

Yan Qingsi glanced at Yue Pengcheng with disdain. “I don’t need your mercy. When I see a shameless, vile, dirty and old man like you, all I can feel is disgust. You better get out of my face right now, or I’ll call the police and have them arrest you for harassment. Our country won’t let crazy dogs like you run around biting people.”

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