Chapter 469 - Can You Call Yourself a Man After Trying to Attack a Girl?

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Chapter 469: Can You Call Yourself a Man After Trying to Attack a Girl?

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Hearing Yan Qingsi call him a crazy dog, Yue Pengcheng raised his hand to hit her. However, just as he raised his hand, Ji Mianmian grabbed it.

Ji Mianmian gripped tight onto his wrist — she was insanely strong. Yue Pengcheng could not move at all. He felt as if the bones in his wrist had been fractured.

As Ji Mianmian listened to their conversation, she roughly understood the situation. She chuckled and sneered, “Mister, you may look like a human but you sure act like a dog. Why can’t you act like a proper human? Can you call yourself a man after trying to attack a girl in front of this crowd? Oh! That’s right! You’re not a man! You’re just a crazy dog. How can anyone consider you a human being?”

If it was something that her goddess said, Ji Mianmian would definitely ensure the message was sent across loud and clear.

Ji Mianmian yelled at the top of her lung, “Everyone, come look at this douchebag who sauntered in with a mistress he kept for years and the little ape they raised. He’s here to force the first wife to give up her position. I’ve met many scums in my life, but I’ve never seen anyone as heinous as you. If it were up to me, I would have beat you to death right here, right now, you vermin.”

Yan Qingsi put her arm around Mrs. Yue’s shoulders. “Yue Pengcheng. If you’re still a man, you better get your ass out of this country immediately. Otherwise, the next time I see you, I’ll beat you up. As for that mistress of yours, I’ll be sure to prepare a bucket of sulfuric acid to melt that thick skin off her bloody face.”

If Yan Qingsi did not need to hold Mrs. Yue to give her some support, she would have kicked him to death.

These bunch of shameless people — did they come out just to disgust others?

When placed beside these two adulterers, Yan Qingsi — for the first time — felt that Yan Songnan and Ye Lingzhi were not so wicked after all.

More and more spectators hurdled around them. Some had recognized Yan Qingsi and started snapping photos and taking videos.

Ding Fu did not like the situation they were in. She tugged on Yue Pengcheng’s shirt, signaling him to leave.

However, Yue Pengcheng misinterpreted her intention. Thinking that they had enraged Ding Fu, Yue Pengcheng directed his assaults on the most vulnerable, Mrs. Yue. “Su Ningmei, is this the daughter-in-law you chose? What an uneducated girl. She knows nothing about etiquette — so wild and shameless. Ah, you really ruined Tingfeng’s marriage. Look at what you’ve done. After all these years, I thought you will improve a little. Unexpectedly, the older you got, the more muddled you became. Not only are you humiliating yourself, you even dragged your son…”

A loud splash interrupted Yue Pengcheng’s words.

Yue Pencheng and Ding Fu were completely drenched. The grey, reeking water pitter-pattered from their hair onto the floor.

Ding Fu’s meticulously styled hair was completely flat and her white Chanel was stained by the filthy water. She was utterly humiliated.

Ji Mianmian had her hand on her chest. “Luckily I dodged that.”

Thud! Yue Tingfeng tossed the empty bucket on the floor.

Yue Pengcheng was shocked at the sight of Yue Tingfeng. “Tingfeng…”

The moment Yue Pengcheng opened his mouth, the filthy water gushed into his mouth and an unbearable stench rushed into his nose.

Ding Fu was shaking with rage. She kept quiet. Standing beside Yue Pengcheng with her head down, no one knew what she was going on in her mind.

Yue Tingfeng fished out a handkerchief and wiped his fingers. He ambled toward Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi and stood by their side. Staring at Yue Pengcheng, he mocked, “You’re too dirty. A bucket of water should clean you up.”

Yue Pengcheng’s aged face flared up. Being called something so dirty, he felt as if that thick skin of his had been completely torn off his face.

Yue Pengcheng had always confronted people with a righteous mindset — he had always thought that he was in the right. However, when facing Yue Tingfeng, he always harbored a sense of guilt.

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