Chapter 470 - Our Father-And-Son Relationship Ends Here

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Chapter 470: Our Father-And-Son Relationship Ends Here

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The two father and son did not spend much time together — when Yue Pengcheng was overseas, Yue Tingfeng stayed in the country. Yue Pengcheng only had one biological son, yet he saw his son’s pictures more than he saw the real him.

He had never shown much concern toward his son either. Naturally, he did not know what Yue Tingfeng’s childhood was like.

When he finally truly met Yue Tingfeng, he was already a teenager.

When they first spent more than two days together, Yue Tingfeng left a deep impression on Yue Pengcheng — this child was cruel and merciless. His mind was filled with devious plans and malicious thoughts.

When Ding Mulian was drowning in a swimming pool, Yue Tingfeng stood calmly by the pool. Wide-eyed, he stared coldly at her struggling. A chilling grin appeared on his face. He was terrifyingly cold-blooded.

Standing in front of him, Yue Pengcheng felt as if he could read his mind.

When facing Yue Tingfeng, Yue Pengcheng always felt a pang of unexplainable and indescribable guilt.

Yue Tingfeng did not glance at neither Yan Qingsi nor Mrs. Yue. The well-built man stood in front of the two. For the first time, Yan Qingsi thought of him as a mountain — a mountain that could shelter her from all wind and rain.

Yan Qingsi had never seen Yue Tingfeng as he was now. His eyes were cold. He projected an inhumane aura that you send shivers down anyone’s spine.

The playful personality he kept around her was nowhere to be seen.

Yue Tingfeng stared down at Yue Pengcheng. “Do you remember what I said the last time I went to Country M?”

Yue Pengcheng explained, “Tingfeng, I came back because…”

Yue Tingfeng interrupted coldly, “Since you don’t remember, let me refresh your memory. Back then, I told you that if you even set foot into this country again, our father-and-son relationship ends here.”

Yue Pengcheng’s lips were shaking. Threatened by Yue Tingfeng’s stone-cold gaze, he was starting to panic.

Yue Pengcheng could tell from his emotionless gaze that he was serious. Yue Pengcheng thought, ‘Will he really… stop treating me as his father?’

‘If that’s the case… it truly will… make things harder.’

Ding Fu finally held her head up. In a gentle voice, she explained, “Tingfeng… we’re sorry. It’s just, now that we’re old, we wanted to visit the country on last time before we die. We’re… We’re only here for two days.”

Ding Fu did not dare to meet Yue Tingfeng’s menacing gaze.

Ding Fu’s words abruptly reminded Yue Pengcheng of the reason they returned to the country.

Yue Pengcheng clasped onto Ding Fu’s hand tightly. Their bodies gave out an overpowering odor. Nonetheless, he did not care. “Xiao Fu, that’s enough. Since I’ve brought you back here, naturally, we won’t be going back anymore…”

Yue Pengcheng held his head high and claimed, “I am your biological father. Without me, you won’t exist. You have no right to tell me where I can or cannot go. I’ve never heard of a son ordering his father to do things.”

Yue Tingfeng replied coldly, “It seems like you, Mr. Yue, is insistent on opposing me.”

Yue Pengcheng was taken aback. Yue Tingfeng would not even call him ‘Pa’ anymore — even though he never called him that often either.

“You… How dare you call me by name! Don’t you know to respect your elders?”

Yue Tingfeng’s lips curled upward into a scornful smirk. “Respect? Mr. Yue, do you really want me to strip you naked and expose you to everyone here? When my grandfather passed away, you were already overseas fooling around with this old woman. If you want to lecture me about respect, you better beware of my grandfather paying you a visit tonight.”

Mrs. Yue leaned onto Yan Qingsi. Her hands were frigid.

Yan Qingsi was deeply worried and distressed. Seeing Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu in front of her eyes, she yearned to stab them with a knife.

Yan Qingsi shouted hastily, “Yan Tingfeng, don’t waste your breath with these *ssholes. If you can’t even take care of a small incident like this, I might start to look down on you.”

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