Chapter 471 - You Are the Most Awesome Little Old Lady

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Chapter 471: You Are the Most Awesome Little Old Lady

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Yue Tingfeng’s cold eyes darted at Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu. “Yue Pengcheng, from this day on, don’t claim to have any relations with me — you are no longer part of the Yue family. I hope you remember well the things you’ve said to my mother today, for I will have my revenge.”

Yue Tingfeng’s words were not overly vicious and his tone was calm and composed — he did not sound too threatening.

However, Yan Qingsi, who knew his nature well, understood that Yan Tingfeng was at the peak of rage.

On the surface, his rage appeared like simple anger.

There was nothing more terrifying than when Yue Tingfeng hid all his rage in his heart like he was doing now.

Yue Tingfeng raised his hand. “Come, kick them out.”

Ding Mulian stood behind Ding Fu and screamed, “You! Who gave you the right to kick us out? Does your country even have any human rights?”

Yue Tingfeng did not even bother to express his despise and disgust toward her. He merely uttered, “Well, the place you’re in right now, it’s mine.”

The hotel manager hurriedly called in the security team to drag the three of them out.

Yue Pengcheng was staggered. He shouted, “Yue Tingfeng! I’m your father — your biological father. How can you treat me like this… you unfilial son…”

Ding Fu’s face was completely reddened. When in Country M, everyone referred to her as Mrs. Yue. She had been living in luxury and respect for tens of years — she had never suffered such indignity before.

Although the revolting family of three had been kicked out, the crowd of spectators did not leave. Instead, their focus fell solely on Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi could predict that this incident would put her on headlines once again. However, she did not want Mrs. Yue to get dragged onto the internet with her.

It did not matter if their opinions toward Mrs. Yue was sympathetic or pitiful, once they heard this news, they would point fingers at Mrs. Yue and label her as the poor woman who’s husband came in with his mistress to force her out of her position.

Yan Qingsi shielded Mrs. Yue behind her. She glanced at Yue Tingfeng. “Please take care of this.”

Yue Tingfeng nodded. He turned to the hotel manager, who immediately marched toward the crowd with the security team and some other employees.

Yue Tingfeng bent down and turned to Mrs. Yue. “Ma, I’m sorry I’m late.”

Red-eyed, Mrs. Yue stared at Yue Tingfeng. Her lips were moving but not a sound was uttered.

Yan Qingsi’s heart ached for her. She had never seen Mrs. Yue like this — she had always been a happy-go-lucky little old lady. She was always kind and sincere to everyone — how could someone bully her to this point?

Yan Qingsi found this even more infuriating than being bullied herself.

Yan Qingsi patted Mts. Yue’s shoulders lightly. She smiled and assured her, “Auntie, it’s fine now. Let’s go back to the room and rest.”

Yue Tingfeng bent over. “Ma, I’ll carry you.”

Mrs. Yue clambered onto Yue Tingfeng’s back.

Yue Tingfeng entered the elevator with Mrs. Yue on his back. Yan Qingsi followed beside him.

When they exited the elevator, Mrs. Yue finally uttered her first words. “Tingfeng, I’m… so useless, aren’t I?”

Mrs. Yue’s voice was raspy. When she spoke, her voice was shaking.

Yue Tingfeng’s heart flared up with a raging hatred, yet he kept a smile on his face and teased, “What do you mean ‘useless’? You are the most awesome little old lady.”

“Just think about it — you raised me to become such a smart and handsome man. That is nothing short of awesome. You even chose such a perfect daughter-in-law — Qingsi. Tell me now, aren’t you the best?”

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