Chapter 473 - I’m a Vile, Good-For-Nothing Woman

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Chapter 473: I’m a Vile, Good-For-Nothing Woman

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Kicked out of the hotel, Yue Pengcheng’s family of three stood by the street. Even their languages were thrown out. They were utterly humiliated.

Especially Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu, who were attracting flies with the horrible stench diffusing from their bodies.

The sun in summer was dazzling. In the scorching hot weather, one could even grill the oil out of a piece of fat on the pavement.

Ding Mulian cried, “Daddy, Mommy, they’re all so wicked! I’ve never seen such horrible people! How could they treat you like this? How could Brother Tingfeng kick us out? Who does he think he is? Even if it’s his hotel, we still paid for it!”

“Even if we were strangers he didn’t know, he still can’t treat us like this! We… We are his relatives for God’s sake!”

Ding Mulian’s body ached terribly. She sobbed aggrievedly.

Her words enraged Yue Pengcheng even more. He believed that Ding Mulian’s words were absolutely correct.

Being treated by his own son this way, Yue Pengcheng’s humiliation turned into wrath.

Ding Fu turned her head to the side, wiping away the tears in her eyes. From her face, it was evident that she was ready to give in.

She sobbed, “Pengcheng, I… I’ve been by your side for so many years without a proper title. I’ve never asked you for much — only for a tranquil life. But now…”

Ding Fu looked up and tried to calm herself down. “I can’t endure this kind of humiliation. I thought I could withstand the accusations and verbal abuse, but… it looks like I’m not so strong after all.”

Yue Pengcheng’s heart ached when he saw Ding Fu sobbing silently. Beads of tears hung on her long eyelashes. Gazing at her feeble manner, his hatred for Yue Tingfeng, Yan Qingsi, and Mrs. Yue filled his heart.

He grasped Ding Fu’s hands. “Xiao Fu, I’m sorry. I dragged you into this. I couldn’t protect you. This is all to be blamed on my oversight — I did not anticipate Yan Qingsi’s involvement…”

Ding Fu shook her head and interjected, “Pengcheng, I think we should end things here. Maybe we weren’t meant to be from the very beginning. They were right — I’m a vile, good-for-nothing woman. I was the one who ruined you and Su Ningmei’s family. I’m sorry.”

Yue Pengcheng panicked. “Xiao Fu, don’t say that. Are you trying to carve my heart out? Xiao Fu, you know that I can’t live without you. I won’t permit you to say those things again.”

Ding Fu cried, “Please, just let me calm down for a while. Please. I need some time to think.”

Watching from aside, Ding Mulian was also distressed. “Mommy, why do you always have to think about others? It’s good to be kind, but you should only be kind to those who deserve it. You didn’t do anything wrong, Mommy. They are the bad guys. They couldn’t obtain Daddy themselves, so they blame you for stealing him. Daddy was never theirs from the beginning!”

Ding Mulian turned to Yue Pengcheng and continued, “Daddy, you can’t give in to them so easily — you are our family’s pillar of support. If Mommy didn’t love you, how could she have survived all these years of slander and defamation? There was no love between you and that Su Ningmei, but between you and Mommy, it’s true love. Everything in this world can be wrong, but true love is never a crime!”

Yue Pengcheng was utterly moved. He gripped Ding Fu’s hands firmly. “Xiao Fu, look at our child — she’s so bright. No matter what, we must stay together for the sake of Mulian and Jin Kui. We must show them that nothing in this world can separate the two of us.”

Yue Pengcheng paused, then declared, “Anything that I should give you, I won’t hesitate to give, and no one can stop me either.”

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