Chapter 474 - I Won’t Spare That Heinous Man Any Mercy

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Chapter 474: I Won’t Spare That Heinous Man Any Mercy

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An Audi stopped by the road. A young, well-toned man, around 180 centimeters tall, exited the car. He had big eyes and thick, full eyebrows. He gave off a strong air of masculinity.

Seeing those three’s pitiable condition, he asked, “Dad, Mom, Mulian… what happened?”

Ding Mulian rushed toward him, crying, “Brother, Tingfeng and the others are so villainous! They kicked Mommy and Daddy out…”

Ding Jinkui frowned. “Let’s talk on the car. We’ll move to another hotel.”

The family stuffed their luggage into the car and entered themselves.

Yan Qingsi waited until Mrs. Yue was sound asleep. Only then did she carefully slide off the bed. She opened the door to see Yue Tingfeng peacefully smoking a cigarette outside.

Yue Tingfeng looked up to see Yan Qingsi. He extended his arms to hug her.

“Let me hug you for a while.”

Yan Qingsi did not move. She raised her arms and patted his back gently. Yue Tingfeng must be the one feeling worst about this incident.

After all, one side was his biological mother, while the other, his biological father. No matter how much of a scum his father was, it would never change the fact that he was his biological father.

Yan Qingsi comforted, “You’ve already done so well.”

Yue Tingfeng hugged her tightly. “Thank you for today.”

“You owe me, okay?”


Yan Qingsi hesitated for a while, then asked, “The resentment between Auntie and Yue Pengcheng — what’s the full story behind it? That Ding Fu woman… where did she appear from?”

Yue Tingfeng let go of Yan Qingsi. “It’s all ancient history now. The Su family once owed the Yue family a huge favor. A while later, the Yue family was involved in some incident. Thus, my grandfather came up with a suggestion — arranged marriage. As a return for that favor, they wanted my mother’s hand in marriage — she was to be Yue Pengcheng’s wife. My maternal grandparents thought that the two families had about equal social status and Yue Pengcheng also seemed like an okay guy, so they married their daughter away.”

Yan Qingsi frowned. “Is that favor so important that they’re willing to risk the happiness of their daughter?”

Yue Tingfeng snickered. “I wonder that too. The mindsets of people in that era were extremely conservative. Besides, they did not anticipate Yue Pengcheng to be so heinous.”

“Hold on. I’ll go talk to Auntie. You stay out here first.”


Yan Qingsi entered the room. She noticed that Mrs. Yue was already awake. She poured a glass of water. “Auntie, here, have a sip of water.”

Mrs. Yue did not move. She lied on the bed, staring at the ceiling, mumbling, “I was so naive when I married Yue Pengcheng. I thought that since I didn’t have anyone I like, I won’t mind this marriage. After all, he seemed like a talented and capable man. Besides, our families had connections with each other — I thought he would never bully me. I thought that, through time, our feelings for each other will slowly develop.”

“The first six months after marriage went by smoothly. I was happy and satisfied. However, after I got pregnant and went home for a week, I came back to see him and Ding Fu on my bed. I was absolutely disgusted. I felt that no one in this world can be filthier than those two.”

Yan Qingsi bit her lip. She clasped Mrs. Yue’s hand tightly. She longed to comfort her, but she did not know how.

“We fought. Yue Pengcheng said that he was forced to marry me, while the love between him and Ding Fu is genuine. They had been in love long before we got married, and I am the third wheel. If it weren’t for me, he would have married Ding Fu. But the truth was, he never told me any of this. I was completely oblivious. If I had known he had someone he liked, I never would have married him…”

Yan Qingsi now understood that back then, the Yue family exploited their relationship with the Su family.

Yan Qingsi hugged Mrs. Yue. She clenched her teeth. “Those are all excuses. If he didn’t want it, he could have just eloped. If that doesn’t work out, he can just go die. At the end of the day, what he couldn’t let go of was the Yue family’s status and wealth. It was him that was selfish and cowardly, but he took it out on you. This kind of men deserves to burn in hell. I won’t spare him any mercy.”

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