Chapter 475 - A Man like Him Could Not Even Be Compared to a Dog

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Chapter 475: A Man like Him Could Not Even Be Compared to a Dog

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After listening to Mrs. Yue’s story, Yan Qingsi became more enraged than her. She regretted not taking off her shoes and pummeling his face in.

Men can be vile, dreadful and heartless — like Yan Songnan. He had the heart to do anything.

Yan Qingsi understood men like Yan Songnan well. They had a clear vision of what they wanted and they knew full well that their actions were sins.

However, as for Yue Pengcheng…

He hid the fact that he had a lover and married Mrs. Yue anyway. He tricked her.

After marrying Su Ningmei, he was unwilling to give her the loyalty he was obliged to give her.

Furthermore, he even felt that Su Ningmei snatched away the position of ‘the first wife’ in the Yue family, forcing Ding Fu to bare the title of a mistress.

Did he really think that the title of ‘Mrs. Yue’ was that important? Did he think the Su family could not live without it?

It is true that there was nothing wrong with true love — but to use true love as an excuse to hurt others and take advantage of them was nothing but evil. That was what these pair of b*tched were doing.

Nonetheless, what disgusted Yan Qingsi the most was that from the very beginning, Yue Pengcheng never thought that what he did was wrong.

He thought that he and Ding Fu were the ones who were wronged. He thought that Mrs. Yue had stolen the title of ‘Mrs. Yue’ from the woman he loved.

Did that b*stard not realize that it was his father who came to the Su family to ask for Su Ningmei as a way of returning the favor they owed? Back then, if it were not for the arranged marriage, the Yue family might have long fallen by now.

It was a critical decision for the Yue family. Between true love and wealth, Yue Pengcheng had chosen the latter.

Despite that, after the Yue family got out of that tight spot, they turned around and forgot about the family that aided them. He even thought about kicking Su Ningmei out to give way to his true love.

When Mrs. Yue was pregnant, Yue Pengcheng was already cheating on her with Ding Fu.

Even after being caught red-handed, he did not feel any remorse. A man like him could not even be compared to a dog.

As for that b*tch, Ding Fu, Yue Pengcheng felt immensely guilty for letting her stay by his side for 30 years without a proper title. He thought that Ding Fu had suffered through too much. However, did anyone force her to?

If Ding Fu was an earnest woman, she would have cut ties with Yue Pengcheng the day he got married to Su Ningmei.

Even so, she did not. Frankly speaking, she had been a mistress for 30 years.

She even had the guts to blame Mrs. Yue for ruining her relationship with Yue Pengcheng.

Yan Qingsi thought that she really needed to prepare a bucket of acid and bring it wherever she went. The next time she saw Ding Fu, she would kill her with it.

She dressed up decently and acted like an unsullied woman, but deep down, she was nothing but a slut!

Marriage was not like dating — a marriage came with the obligation of being loyal to one’s spouse. No matter how passionate a lover you had, once you are married, all that must end. One should enter a marriage with a clean slate.

If you cannot achieve that, then you should not get married.

The word ‘scum’ should be written in bold all over Yue Pengcheng’s face.

Yan Qingsi’s eye turned red. An image of her mother flashed continuously in her eyes when she looked at Mrs. Yue.

She squeezed her hand. Her eyes stinging, she told herself that no matter what happened, she would never let Mrs. Yue suffer through something like this again.

Contrary to Yan Qingsi’s boiling rage, Mrs. Yue was extremely calm. Maybe… she had been hurt so deeply that her wrath had surpassed her limit and turned into equanimity instead.

Seeing Yan Qingsi shaking with rage, Mrs. Yue patted her shoulder.

Ironically, she comforted Yan Qingsi. “I’m fine. It’s just that they appeared too abruptly, so I was completely staggered. In this life, I’ve met many horrible people… but none of them make me retch like they do.”

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