Chapter 476 - He’s Unworthy For You

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Chapter 476: He’s Unworthy For You

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Yan Qingsi looked up, with tears in her eyes she said. “Yue family lied for the wedding. Why didn’t you think about divorcing that son of b*tch Yue Pengcheng? Didn’t your parents…cared about you?”

Mrs.Yue sighed as she replied. “Of course they did. They cared very much. How could they not? I thought about divorce, back then even catching a glimpse of them would blind me. In order for the divorce to happen, I stopped eating to protest. However, I was pregnant back then. The child of the Yue family. How could they agree on the divorce. It was a very conservative generation back then. Divorce was…quite shameful.”

Hearing this made Yan Qingsi clenched her fist. Her mind was focused on how despicable of a person Yue Pengcheng was. The entire older generation of the Yue family was evil to the very core.

Mrs.Yue felt slightly better as she gently patted Yan Qingsi’s head. It was as if a mother was telling a story to a daughter.

“My family and the entirety of the Yue family was on horrible terms. Both my parents and my brothers fought the Yue family to the ends of the Earth. However, when two dogs fights for a single bone, the third runs away with it. The rivalry between both Su and Yue families was quite intense back then. It’s only natural that we will not able to get along that well. I was already an adult then, my family had been protecting me for so many years, I can’t allow myself to weaken my family’s stance and position now. Not to mention, I have become a mother, I need to put my child’s needs before my own.”

“If the divorce happened, it will only benefit those pair of b*tches. I had to watch that b*stard Yue Pengcheng marrying that slut, have my son call that vile woman mother, watching them stealing my very own son and taking everything from me, allowing them to have their way with my son?”

Mrs.Yue shook her head and said. “I could never, I need to think about my son, plan for son’s future. I will have them to use the entire family’s name and fortune to compensate for my son. Every single one of them owed me that much. I will not leave, nor will I want a divorce. As long as I remain in this household, I am still Mrs.Yue. I will never allow Ding Fu and Yue Pengcheng to ever have their way.”

“What happens after that?” Yan Qingsi asked softly.

“After that, the baby in me was confirmed to be a male, both families came to negotiate terms with each other, my dad was putting all the pressure on the old man. Forcing him to exile Yue Pengcheng from the family, only death will he be allowed to return. In all honesty, the entire Yue family was completely disappointed in Yue Pengcheng already. What can this man possibly achieve, can he even shoulder the weight of the entire family? So they’ve come to a conclusion, they have decided to give up on this man. Besides, they now have a grandson, and more importantly an heir to the family’s name. They do not need a son like that.” Mrs.Yue explained further.

The only thing the great grandfather of the Su family said to them was. “If you want your son to remain in the country? Sure why not, but it will have to be his cold, hard corpse.”

The Yue family felt guilty, they knew they had wronged the entirety of the Su family, after much deliberation, they decided to exile Yue Pengcheng completely.

Yan Qingsi had finally heard the full story personally from Mrs.Yue’s own words. All those tales of history, every single detail of her past was described slowly by her soft, heavy voice.

When Yan Qingsi first met Mrs.Yue, she used to think that she was nothing but a naive, innocent old woman. Her entire life was smooth sailing, was spoiled and loved to her core in her birth family before she got married. Even after she was, Yan Qingsi thought her married life was one filled with love.

She realized now. She finally knew that everyone had a painful tale to tell.

However, a lady like Mrs.Yue after staying in a failing marriage, being treated so poorly by that shameless b*stard, and yet she remained untainted by the darkness, she stayed true to her pure heart. Such a person sure was rare to find.

Yan Qingsi stared at Mrs.Yue and said. “Aunty, you’ve a great and wonderful soul, some people were just blind. They were not worthy to have you in their life.”

Mrs.Yue was indeed a saint, a wonderful and kind soul like her. It was unfortunate her pure angelic soul attracted demons.

A b*stard like Yue Pengcheng was unworthy to even polish Mrs.Yue’s shoe.

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